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A fair price for however much talk, text and data you use.

Nationwide coverage

Rest assured, Ting has you covered from coast-to-coast.

No contracts

We're not about to lock you into a commitment. Try Ting risk-free.

You’re in control.

  • See usage at a glance

  • Take complete control
  • Set usage alerts
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Let’s talk devices.

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People Ting

Carmen P.

I am so happy I discovered unlocked cell phones and ting! Our bill for 2 lines for our first month was just $23 plus tax (just over $24 total). We had been paying $140 per month with AT&T. Excellent value!!!

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Susan G.

Ting is incredible! I went from paying $90 per month to typically around $25 per month. I love that I only pay for what I use.

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One month in to service with Ting and I couldn’t be happier. Customer service has been great and I am loving the service so far. Switched over from Verizon and saved over $100 this month.

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Consumer Reports

See how Ting was ranked in the 2017 Consumer Reports Best Cell Phone Carriers Survey.

A sample of the survey results

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Real people who
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No holds. No transfers. Just support.

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