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Ho-Ho-Holiday Hours

Hello from Customer Service!

The holidays are fast approaching, so we wanted to let you know what our Support hours will be for all of the days of merriment:

Tuesday, December 24th:  8am – 5pm ET (early close)
Wednesday, December 25th:  Closed
Thursday, Dec 26th:  8am – 11pm ET – (regular hours resume through December 30th)

Tuesday, December 31st:  8am – 5pm ET (early close)
Wednesday, January 1st:  Closed
Thursday, January 2nd:  8am – 11pm ET – (regular hours resume)

You might be saying yourself “well other carriers stay open 365 days a year–366 in a leap year even; why doesn’t Ting?”

It’s simple:  we really like our staff here. And we want them to have some time to spend with their families and friends over the holiday season just like everyone else. It’s one of the ways that we strive to keep them happy; and it works a lot better than the time we gave each of them a puppy.

We realize this might get in the way of some troubleshooting or activation help a few of you might need, so we’ve got some great articles online to get you through. If you need help with getting a device activated on your account, this article will walk you through that process. Completing a BYOD? This article will point you to the information you need for your device. Looking for some specific troubleshooting? Just do a quick search of the help center.

You can absolutely still get in touch with us on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and we’ll get back to you lickety-split on the 26th and 2nd.

Wishing you all the turkey and chocolate consumption you can handle,

Ting Team