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Survey says: 5G rollout and 3G shutdown are a mystery to most of us

The 5G rollout is here. 3G is shutting down. Here's what you should know.

We’d be willing to bet that you’ve heard about 5G, the new generation of wireless technology that promises blazing-fast data speeds. How many people, however, have been informed that the “Big Four” nationwide carriers are gradually shutting down their 3G networks across the country? According to our recent survey, not many.

Ting Mobile polled 1,500 people to find out exactly how much they knew about the ongoing shutdown of the nation’s 3G networks as well as what to realistically expect from 5G technology in its fledgling state. The results were clear. 

An astonishing 79 percent of respondents had never heard of the 3G shutdown. An overwhelming majority (83 percent) of those surveyed said that they weren’t at all concerned about it. While most of us do have LTE phones that will not be affected, some 47 million devices still use 3G, including some of those nifty smart devices in our homes.

Meanwhile, about 60 percent of respondents were aware of the 5G rollout. However, when quizzed on what they could expect from 5G networks today (including their current phone’s ability to take advantage of the new technology), it seemed that the information readily available, or lack thereof, has the public a bit confused.

Let’s be clear. We’re not trying to send folks into a panic about 3G, nor are we downplaying the amazing potential of 5G. At Ting Mobile, we believe in customers being fully informed so that they’re never caught off guard and can make decisions in their best interest. 

While statistics say you’re more likely to not be affected by the 3G shutdown, open discussion will ensure those that will be can take the right precautions. As for 5G, the infrastructure continues to be built out and compatible phones continue to be released. If your budget doesn’t allow for it, you don’t really need the increased bandwidth or you’re not in an area covered with 5G, we feel it makes more sense to stick with 4G LTE for now, which is still a great technology. According to our survey, most of you agree. If you are someone that will benefit from 5G, Ting Mobile does offer 5G access as well as some more affordable phone options in the Ting Shop. That’s our opinion, we encourage you to check out the survey results, do some research, and choose for yourself! 

Speaking of choice, if you’re looking for the same expansive coverage provided by the big carriers but without the hefty price tag, you can have your cake and eat it too by choosing Ting Mobile. Our customers save big by only paying for the minutes, text and data they use while enjoying the coverage of three networks including the country’s largest and most reliable. Interested in trying Ting Mobile risk-free? We never lock you into a contract or plan. See if your phone can come to Ting Mobile!

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