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$50 credit for referring friends to Ting
$75 for your first ever referral

Update: Check out our double Refer a Friend credit frequently asked questions

Starting February 15 2013 and running until March 15 2013, we’re doubling the Ting service credit you’ll receive when you make the introduction and your friends become our friends.

Invite your friends to learn more about Ting using the unique referral code that you’ll find in your Ting account control panel. For every one that figures mobile that makes sense makes sense for them and who activates a device on Ting using your referral code, we’ll give you $50 in Ting service credit. What’s more, we’ll up that to $75 if your first ever successful friend referral happens in this time.

Your friends are offered $25 off the purchase of most Ting devices. If your friend buys refurbished or used from Ting or if they have an inactive Sprint device already, he or she will get the $25 as a service credit instead of as a device discount.

But wait, there’s more!

For everyone that calls in the next ten minutes, because you know we can’t do this all day, we’ll double the offer. You get two Majestic Mops for the price of one. Just pay separate shipping and handling. We’re also doing a random draw for an LG Optimus Elite from among all the successful referrals. All you have to do is successfully refer a friend and you’re entered into this random draw.