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A new AT&T fee and a new Ting service

There has been a lot of discussion about AT&T’s new “Mobility Administrative Fee”.

As the Verge article reports, AT&T claims the fee will “help cover certain expenses, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance.” We thought that was pretty much what the rest of their revenue was for.

It will cost each AT&T customer just an extra 61 cents a month. However, it will earn AT&T around half a billion dollars a year. More importantly, no matter what legal language lurks in some clause or qualifier somewhere, it seems pretty clear that this represents a change to the original financial terms that AT&T agreed to with these customers.

On the positive side, AT&T customers are apparently using this fee as justification to get out of their contract without an early termination fee. One Reddit member walked through exactly how to get that done.

But most people either aren’t comfortable with this sort of confrontation or don’t have the time and energy for such a long, miserable phone call.

This gave us an idea along the lines of our Ting for business valet and our personal shopping service.

What if we offered this as a free service? Give us all the relevant information on your account, give us permission to represent you (if there is such a thing) and we will get you out of your AT&T contract. We’ll do the screaming. We’ll figure out exactly the right words to say, whom to ask for and all that.

We’d offer it as a sort of public service with no commitment to come to Ting!

We need to figure out if this can work. Can someone other than the AT&T customer negotiate this. Is there some handoff that needs to happen or permission that can be granted. Will we have consistent success.

Updated: We have a ton of people who have volunteered to let us scream at AT&T for them. Thanks! We do not want to take on any more until we know whether we have a viable service to offer here.

If it works, we’ve got about 70 million potential new customers.