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A Ting Take on Mobile Family Plans

Mobile family plans are a great way to consolidate billing for all your family’s phones. Rather than having separate plans with separate billing dates for your separate mobile numbers and handsets, mobile family plans keep everything straight and in one place.

Perhaps predictably, we’d argue that Ting is ideal for families. Or businesses. Or any group of people that want to share a plan.

    On Ting, minutes, messages and megabytes are pooled and shared between devices under your plan. You can add as many devices as you want on one plan and each device costs $6 per month. There’s no premium charged for a mobile family plan and you won’t find any weird line items on your monthly bills. We like to keep it simple.

    We think the best family mobile plan is the one you don’t have to think too much about.

    Taking Control of Your Mobile Family Plan

    In the Ting control panel, you can easily administer the different devices on your account and you’ll see how much of your pooled minutes, messages and megabytes a given device is using in the color-coded graphs.

    You can also take control of devices on your mobile family plan individually in the control panel. You can set up alerts to, for example, let you know when the kids have reached the 500MB mark on data use for the month or when they’ve used more than 1,234 voice minutes or sent 4,321 text messages.

    Also, you can set what services are allowed for each device individually. If you want to block or allow international calling, roaming, text, picture and video messaging, Internet access or tethering, you can do that.

    Alerts can be sent to your mobile number as a text message or straight to your email inbox. We’ll even call to let you know if you ask us to.

    If you’re already using Ting, you just need to add a second (or third, forth, fifth) device to your Ting account and you’re all set. All your devices will appear in your control panel. If you’re not already using Ting, grab a recent bill for your current mobile family plan and try the try the Ting Savings Calculator to find out if Ting might be right for you.