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Tell us where Android and iOS really shine

Android iOS Survey

Rock covers of hip-hop songs. The real housewives of anywhere. Describing anything at all as ‘on fleek.’ None of those things are more overdone than the tired iPhone vs. Android debate. The fact is, Apple makes great phones as do the manufacturers at the top of the Android heap. What sets the phones apart isn’t capabilities. In similar classes, what an iPhone and good Android phone can do are nearly indistinguishable. We think the real question is how each phone does what they do. And the answer to that question can actually help each user choose the phone that’s best for them.

With that in mind, we’re going to do an iOS/Android survey, but it will be a little different. Sure, we’ll start off asking people which they prefer. But then we’re going to dig a bit deeper to find out what the most important features of their preferred mobile operating system are. Our goal? To help mobile users figure out which OS is really better suited to their preferences and needs… even if it’s not the one you thought!

Starting on Monday, head over to our Facebook and Twitter. Every day that week, we’ll post a new survey question for you to weigh in on. Thanks to your answers, we’ll be able to let you know exactly what attributes of iPhones and Android phones are considered to be their strongest suits. Sorry, superfans – we’ve set it up so you can’t just say “everything.” Thanks in advance for your input! If we can make just one die-hard OS supporter recoil in horror after realizing they may be better suited to the other, we’ll have done our job.

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