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The Android vs iPhone survey: what do users like most about each platform?

Android vs Iphone

So the results are in, and they’re pretty darn interesting. We want to thank all of our awesome Ting social media followers for the feedback (and for somehow being so well-behaved in the comments of an Android/iOS discussion). Without further ado, here’s what we learned about Android vs iPhone users’ favorite and least-enjoyed features of their respective platforms.

Which platform do you prefer?

Winner: Android

Undoubtedly music to Android users’ ears, Google’s mobile platform came away the clear winner here with 70 percent of respondents indicating that this was their preference. Our guess at the reason? The variety of price options and feature sets available across Android devices when compared to the iPhone.

What do Android phones do best?

Winner: performance/functionality

Android users were pretty clear that they think the performance rips and their phones were highly usable. Giving further credence to our suspicion of why Android was the more popular platform, many users mentioned being cheaper and a variety of choices as features they most appreciated.

What are Android phones not as great at?

Losers: bloatware and OS update problems

While they love their phones, Android users were pretty clear on what features let them down. The biggest complaint was easily the infamous amount of bloatware that often comes with Android phones, consisting of rarely (if ever) used apps that take up valuable storage space. This, of course, isn’t Google’s fault – bloatware is installed by phone manufacturers. And since they’re paid to install bloatware by the software companies that make them, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Another gripe was a perceived lack of long-term OS support. Android users complained that OS updates stopped far too soon for their liking, especially integral security patches. In general, OS updates on Android phones are historically pretty terrible. For now, it seems like this is just part of owning an Android.

What do iPhones do best?

Winner: performance/functionality

If you guessed Apple fans would choose the exact same thing as Android users for this question, hold on while we get you a cookie. In fact, almost exactly the same percentage of iPhone users (40 percent) as Android owners (43 percent) thought their phone did this best. Specific features that were brought up included ease of use, battery life and malware protection. 

What are iPhones not as great at?

Losers: closed ecosystem, inability to customize, price

iPhone users pointed out a bit of a catch-22 with their thoughts here. Apple has created a private island for themselves where third-party developers can only come party by invitation and within very strict guidelines. This and an inability to customize an iPhone without jailbreaking it rub many Apple users the wrong way. However, these same features are exactly what give iPhones their famous ease of use and make malware less prevalent. So, again, looks like the iPhone fans will have to live this one.


So what have we learned? Well, we have to admit we collectively feel like quite the smarty-pants because, in the beginning, we suspected that the most-liked feature of both phones would be the same. In truth and fact, minus the ways their ecosystems differ, a well-appointed Android and iPhone are equally as powerful and usable. 

“Performance/functionality” is a pretty broad criterion, so it makes sense that this was number one. But regardless, one thing is pretty clear. In the perennial Android vs iPhone debate, any claim that one is inherently better doesn’t hold much water. It comes down to personal preference and what your needs are. So there you have it. Guess that’s the end of arguments on this topic online forever, right? *Patiently waits for hell to freeze over*

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