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Find your phone using Google Search


Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

So you’ve lost your phone, now what?

Thankfully, Android Device Manager is a simple way to find the exact location of your device, ring it and more. If you have an iPhone, here’s how you can find your phone using iCloud.

Google recently made it even easier to locate your misplaced smartphone. It’s now just a Google Search away.

Allow us to blow your mind a little.

Ting Unboxing: BLU Studio 6.0 LTE

If you’re a phan of the phablet phorm phactor, you’re looking to spend under $250 and you have a soft spot for sequential digits in price tags, the stars just aligned. The BLU Studio 6.0 LTE is $234 in the Ting shop.

Before you pull out cash and start waving it at the screen, insisting that we take your money, have a look at our unboxing video so you know what you’re in for.

When the time comes to take a closer look, the Ting Shop listing for the BLU Studio 6.0 LTE also boasts the absolute worst pun we’ve ever dispensed… and we’ve dispensed our fair share.

App of the Week: Swappa Price


Find out how much your phone’s worth with Swappa’s new app, Swappa Price. You can instantly view the average selling price of your used device along with a graph of price changes since its release.

The app also lets you check out prices of other used phones on the market and sort by specific manufacturers and carriers (like Ting).

If you think you’re due for an upgrade, it’s an easy way to get an idea of how much you’ll get for your current phone. While the app’s not helpful for buying or selling devices (tapping the “Buy” and “Sell” buttons just launches the mobile site), it’s handy for getting a quick valuation of your phone in hand.

Swappa Price is currently only available on Android, with an iOS version in the works.

App of the Week: Simple


If there’s one thing we at Ting like, it’s simplicity. If there’s one market that could use the kind of common sense approach that we advocate, it’s banking.

Makes sense, then, that we’d love Simple.

Simple makes saving easy. By tracking the money coming in along with regular expenditures, it figures out how much you spend each month and on what, and lets you see it all on your smartphone.

Simple helps you set and meet your savings goals and provides the data you need to make decisions on what budget items you might need to trim. Its unique “Safe to Spend” calculation lets you know how much you can blow on lunch today or, conversely, if you really should start brown-bagging it.

You can instantly transfer money to other Simple customers, deposit a cheque through the app, and much more. The Simple app is available on Android and iOS – take a closer look with Kyra in our video below.

Zoom in and out in Google Maps with one hand


Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.

Want a quicker, more precise way to browse Google Maps? If you double tap and hold with one finger, you can scroll up and down to zoom in or out!

This feature also works with other Google apps, including Chrome on both Android and iOS. It’s pretty handy for pictures and objects with zoom capabilities, along with sites that aren’t optimized for mobile. On the Android platform, this feature is available almost anywhere you can pinch-to-zoom.

If you’re an iOS user, keep in mind that Apple Maps won’t cut it – you’ll need to pick up Google Maps off the App Store to take advantage of this trick.


App of the Week: Untappd


As the popularity of craft beer continues to rise in North America, so do the tools to keep track of your drinking experience. Until recently, beer logging (or journaling) was relegated to pen and paper, spreadsheets and note apps. What was missing was the ability to promptly recommend a brew to a friend without having to search through books and/or line items. Thankfully, this week’s App of the Week helps bring craft beers into the 21st century.

Untappd is best viewed as both a social network and a discovery app. On the social side is a timeline that logs both yours, and your friend’s, drinking history. Rather than checking-in at a bar or restaurant, you check-in your exact drink. From there others who follow you can get a sense of the drinks various details (ABV and IBU), community ratings, comments, pictures and more.

Now the discovery comes into play. From a check-in, you can wish-list a drink or search for it around your area. Or, if you’d like to go at it alone, the app will use your location data to look for specific beers, bars or breweries around you.

Untappd caters to both the craft beer enthusiast and newcomer. If fact, the latter will find the app as a great jumping off point. And wouldn’t you know it – the app is free and available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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