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Our favorite apps for studying

apps for studying

Going back to school? Get the best apps for studying

Up your after class game with these nifty apps for studying. We’ve picked some of our favorites for getting organized, mastering languages, creating study flashcards, doing research and brushing up on your math.

Think of these study apps for students as helpful aids. Supplement your Spanish class with Duolingo, check your homework with Photomath and research your next psychology project with TED’s massive library of Talks.

Setting alerts and caps on Ting

At Ting, we actively encourage you to pay us as little as possible. We try to give you the flexibility to control how many minutes, texts and megabytes you use. We regularly blog about how to make free phone calls, and we have a whole blog category called data saving. But for some Ting customers, that’s not enough. Having a firm grasp on your cell phone bill requires a lot of micromanaging your Ting dashboard and the Ting app to monitor usage.

Well, not exactly. With the alerts and caps feature on your Ting dashboard, it’s actually really easy to let us do all the hard work for you. Inside your Ting dashboard and in the Ting app, you can set usage alerts and caps for any level and any service. If you set a cap to notify you via the Ting app, you can re-enable it right from the app. No need to call us to log in to your desktop!

My month with the Moto X Pure

That headline should probably read “slightly less than a month with the Moto X Pure” but that’s not what this series is called.

moto x pureMy month with the Moto X Pure Edition was cut tragically short when the phone met a tile floor and came out worse for the interaction. I didn’t think the sinking feeling when you pick up your phone after a tumble and see a haze of cracks on the screen could be any worse. Turns out, it can. Just try it with a phone that doesn’t actually belong to you.

Coming off an enjoyable month with the Moto E (2nd Gen), moving to the Moto X was quite an upgrade. A very noticeable speed boost, a much bigger and brighter screen… a generally smarter smartphone experience.

Perhaps the biggest leap forward was the camera which captured amazing, beautiful images. Great timing, given that my wife and I had our second child in the time I was testing the Moto X Pure.

The Moto X Pure is thing of beauty

Some among the tech press are calling the Moto X Pure the best Android smartphone experience you can have. After a month using the phone, I can certainly see why. I may not entirely agree (I think the title would belong to the Nexus 6P (which we’ll spend a month with soon) but it’s a close race to call and ultimately, it’s all a bit subjective.

What the Moto X Pure offers is a clean, unencumbered Android experience. Near the tail end of my testing, shortly before the phone’s tragic meeting with the tile floor, it got the update to Android 6.0, Marshmallow. I didn’t have enough time with the newly upgraded OS to determine if it solved the battery woes that had started to crop up in my time with the Moto X Pure.

Save on your calls and texts with these messaging apps

messaging apps

With the probability that Amazon is working on a messaging app, it’s a good time to talk about what’s already out there. The good news is, you’ve got options. Most of us communicate on a bunch of messaging apps in a given day, and typically they’re different for work, home, school and our social lives.

Whether you’re joining a work meeting from home, organizing a school project or keeping the group family chat lit, these messaging apps will help you save on calls, texts and data by keeping you connected to the people that matter over Wi-Fi.

Lower mobile data usage and save on your cell phone bill

save on mobile data
There are many different ways to reduce smartphone mobile data usage without having to limit yourself or switch up your smartphone routine.
Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data
There are data saving toggles and features in popular apps (including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) that help you cut your mobile data use. There are controls built right in to your smartphone operating system to do the same.

Take a look at our broad list of articles that will help you lower your cellular data usage. If you’re with a pay for what you use provider like Ting, this means a lower monthly bill.

Comprehensive guides

Check out some of our longer-form articles that will teach you everything you need to know about smartphone mobile data.

From the basics to the bonus features, the guides below have it all.

Android iconiPhone iconGet the free Cut Your Data ebook to reduce mobile data usage

Android iconiPhone iconDo more with your smartphone without paying more for data

Android iconiPhone iconSix simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Android iconiPhone iconSix (more) simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Going grayscale on iOS and Android to use your smartphone more mindfully

Ting tip

Quick tips to get the most from your phone, your favorite apps and your Ting service. No fluff. Just the tips.


Phantom vibration is the feeling you get when your phone vibrates in your pocket and, when you pull it out to check, it turns out it was a weird tactile hallucination. 90% of people have apparently experienced this phenomenon. Maybe you’re nodding your head.

Smartphones are little dopamine delivery machines. This fact is not lost on phone makers and app developers. Their job is to push our buttons to keep us coming back to push theirs. Phones are powerful tools at our control… but when you pull your phone out of your pocket at every micro-moment of inactivity, you can start to wonder who actually holds the power in the relationship.

There are many ways we can wrestle control back from our smartphones. As an interesting aside, there has been a bit of a resurgence in feature phone interest which is arguably a direct response to the shiny smartphone’s near irresistible allure.

If a feature phone feels like too much of a step back (agreed), this Ting Tip is a great way to take the power back without giving up the convenience of having a tiny, powerful computer in your pocket.

One way to you can make accessing your phone more of a mindful activity is to switch your display to grayscale. We’ll show you how.