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Looking for an Android data manager? Get Datally by Google

Datally Android data manager

Android data manager

You’re going to love this Android data manager

Datally is an Android data manager app by Google that helps users control their mobile data use.

Why would you want to control mobile data? Well, data can be an unnecessary expense on many phone plans, especially when many of us spend most of our time at home or at work where a Wi-Fi connection is readily available.

We’ll walk you through Datally and how it works, plus we’ll review some other helpful hacks for Android users looking to use less (and pay less) on Ting.

How do I reduce data usage on my Android phone?

If you’re looking to use less data, you’ve come to the right place. Reducing your data usage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a ton on your smartphone experience but it does mean curbing a few bad habits. Like, for instance, playing a ton of Pokémon Go when you’re on data.

A great way to start saving is by downloading an Android data manager app or a data-savings app like Datally on your phone. The Ting Cut Your Data eBook is another great resource that will walk you through a full data audit and provide some helpful tips and tricks to save.

What does a data manager do?

A data manager helps you keep track of how much mobile data you’re using. It works like a kind of data control app. It can break data down by app, show you what you’ve used over time, point out what apps are using background data and even help you connect to Wi-Fi.

The Datally app does all of this and a bit more.

Why Datally asks for permissions

Datally requires certain permissions in order to get an understanding of your mobile data usage. Datally will ask to use your Phone and Location. Datally states that this information is used to help you better understand your mobile data use. Datally won’t use permissions to say, make or receive phone calls.

You can read more about Datally permissions here.

Knowledge is power: stop data usage and get started with Datally

The more you know about your mobile data usage, the more you can start to reduce and restrict how much you’re using. Download Datally in the Google Play Store to get started.

Set your daily limit

Datally will send you a notification when you hit a predetermined daily limit. If you reach your daily limit, you can opt to restrict all data for the rest of the day.

To set your daily limit, navigate from the main screen to Daily Limit.

Android data manager

Restrict background data

Datally also lets you control data usage per app. Sometimes apps run in the background and use data without you knowing. This is called background data.

From the main screen, tap Manage Data to see what your apps are using. You can control data usage per app and limit background data through the app.

Android data manager

This mobile data app also lets you tidy up unused apps by getting a breakdown of what they’re running in the background. Just tap Uninstall, right in Datally, to remove them.

Find the best Wi-Fi and limit data usage

Datally comes with user-rated Wi-Fi network recommendations. You can also rate Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to.

To view Wi-Fi networks navigate to Find Wi-Fi from the home screen. Don’t forget to use a VPN to protect your data whenever you’re connecting to a public network.

Android data manager

Enable guest mode

Datally can help you curb mobile data use even when you’re handing your phone over to someone else. We love this feature for parents who want to pass their phone to their kids but don’t want them racking up a ton of mobile data.

Just navigate to Guest mode and set an amount of mobile data your guest can use. You can even opt for zero guest usage.

Android data manager

How to limit data usage? Try Datally for Android.

You can change your mobile habits with the right insight into your usage. Try Datally and see exactly how much you need. Between home and work, you might be surprised at how much you’re actually on Wi-Fi.

A little control can go a long way. In fact, on Ting, you can have a cell phone bill under $20. Whether you’re interested in unplugging and using your phone less or you’re looking for savings for the whole family, Ting gives you the tools, tips and tricks to make your phone bill work for you. We’ve also got a complete guide to lowering mobile data usage so you can save.