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App of the Week: Any.DO

Why we love Any.DO:

To-do lists suck. They’re always bossing us around. More though, they remind us that, while everyone else seems to manage just fine, we can never seem to stay on task and actually accomplish something.

What? That can’t just be me…

Whatever the case, Any.DO makes it easy, dare we say enjoyable, to prepare your to-do list for the day. Check out the video:


Download from Google Play

Task and to-do lists abound on Google Play. After trying most of them out at one time or another, Any.DO stands out as the best.

Any.DO take a different approach to the typical to-do list. It has a unique feature where the app will pop up every morning at a set time and invite you to “plan your day.” You decide when each of the tasks that are on your list should be completed: Today (with a few time options) or Later (likewise with options). You can also mark items as done or delete them from the list.

You can sync with your Google Tasks and there’s even Chrome extension that lets you add a task on your computer and have it show up on your phone immediately.

Perhaps our favorite feature of Any.DO is the simple, clean and minimal design. It has just the right amount of graphical flair without seeming overbearing or like it’s trying too hard.

If you’ve been looking for the best task manager for your Android phone (there’s also an iPhone version available), you need look no further.

Got an app we should consider for App of the Week? Let us know in the comments below!