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App of the Week: Crossy Road

Today’s App of the Week is for lovers of simple arcade smartphone games. If you had a hard time putting down Flappy Bird or Timberman, you’re in for a treat.

Crossy Roafrankensteincrossyroadd calls itself an “Endless Arcade Hopper,” which is really just a fancy way of saying “Frogger spinoff”. The game’s goal is simple: the further you go, the more points you get. While the mechanics are identical to Frogger, you only have one life and you can collect coins along the way to help you unlock a ridiculous amount of characters.

From animals like a duck, pigeon and crab to mythical creatures like Frankenstein and Doge, you’ll be discovering new units for months. Each character adds its own unique touch to Crossy Road, but keep in mind that these features are all cosmetic.

If you’re looking for an endlessly replayable game, Crossy Road is where is at. It’s free to play and available on Android and iOS, so head to your respective app store and give it a shot!

Crossy Road





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