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App of the Week: Drippler

Drippler helps you make the most of your smartphone.

The app displays tech articles, called “drips”, that are tailored to your specific device. Unlike the fire-hose experience of a traditional newsfeed, this app literally drips (see what they did there?) device specific points of interest to your phone. Anything from phone features, troubleshooting tips, buzzworthy apps to more advanced reading like Android and iOS hacks.

Even if you’d consider yourself to be on top of all things mobile, there’s tons of worthwhile content to be found inside Drippler, with posts from heavy-hitters like Gizmodo, Business Insider and Android Central.

Drippler is available on both Android and iOS. Scroll down and let Kyra fill you in on the full details!






What’s your current favorite app? Let us know in the comments!