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App of the Week: Flipboard

Why we love Flipboard:

Flipboard lets you create your own curated digital magazine from all your favorite news sites, social feeds and so on. Get a personalized view on the day’s news. Follow your favorite blogs. See the stories and pictures your social media friends are sharing.

Basically, you’ll be a magazine publisher but with none of the paper cuts or despondency over shrinking ad revenues.


Download from Google Play
Browse magazines made by the community or take matters into you own hands by creating one that’s all you. Rather than bookmarking or grabbing apps for the individual news sites, blogs and feeds you like to read, turn the news into your own beautifully put together (if you do say so yourself) digital magazine. Share it for others to enjoy too.

Given that you’re the one creating the magazine together, you can be reasonably confident the content is customized to your own tastes. If not, might we suggest a strongly worded letter to the editor?