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App of the Week: Goat Simulator

Interested in foolish mobile fun? Look no further than Goat Simulator!

It’s a hilarious open-world game where you gain points by demolishing everything around you. While initially only available on Steam, the app has found success and was brought over to Android and iOS in September of this year.

With intentional bugs and glitches, the game is a lot more fun than you might expect. You can switch between different types of goat mutations (like a spider-goat, penguin and jetpack goat), complete quests and gain achievements.

If you don’t mind spending five bucks on some absurd amusement, pick up Goat Simulator on Google Play or the App Store now! Learn more in Kyra’s app review below.

Goat Simulator


$4.99 (requires Android 4.0.3 and up, iPhone 4s and up)




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