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App of the Week: SwiftKey

Today’s App of the Week Live is SwiftKey Keyboard!

If you’re on the lookout for useful apps for your device, SwiftKey is a great place to start. With accurate predictions and a slew of awesome features, SwiftKey truly enhances your Android typing experience.

Learn more about SwiftKey in our YouTube video below!


SwiftKey Keyboard


Free and Paid Version

Download SwiftKey Keyboard Free (for one month)

Download SwiftKey Keyboard Paid ($4.00)

SwiftKey Keyboard is an advanced Android keyboard that turns touchscreen typing into a breeze. Shockingly accurate predictions, multiple layouts, advanced syncing and convenient features lead us to believe that SwiftKey is the best keyboard Google Play has to offer.

Find out yourself by grabbing the one month trial right now on Google Play, or go ahead and purchase the full version for 4 bucks!

Know of a great app we should consider for the next App of the Week? Let us know in the comments!