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App of the Week: OurGroceries

Why we love OurGroceries:

Our Groceries
Forget paper lists or worse, winging it once you get to the grocery store. If you’re shopping solo, OurGroceries helps you keep everything in check. If you’re shopping as a couple or family, it lets you collaborate, adding or crossing items off on the shared list.

You can organize your shopping list by aisles or categories and create different lists for different stores.

It’s simple and it works. What more could you ask for?


Download Our Groceries from Google Play

Download Our Groceries from Apple App Store

There’s an OurGroceries Key available in Google Play for $4.99. The free version is fully functional; the key removes ads and more to the point, shows support for the developer.

OurGroceries makes it easy to keep your grocery list in check.

The family walks into the store. Each family member’s eyes laser focused on the aisles that are their domain. Items are crossed off the communal list and instantly updated across all the devices syncing to your free OurGroceries account.

As baskets fill up, the team returns to the communal grocery cart to drop off their acquisitions. Not to overstate things, but it’s a symphony of familial efficiency.