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App of the Week: Pocket

Why we love Pocket:

There’s way too much information on the Internet. As such, we’re working hard to have it shut down entirely. Until we succeed in this noble goal though, it’s adapt or die.

Pocket makes it much easier to filter through the seditious lies valuable information, interesting stories and otherwise super awesome stuff the Internet holds.

Check it out.



Download from Google Play

Pocket is the read it later app formerly known as, appropriately enough, Read It Later.

Previously, it was the number 1 paid app in Google Play. It lost that honor not because it got caught sleeping… but because it’s now free.

It’s one of those apps that should be considered a must-have. Especially at that price.

Pocket lets you save stories from your favorite news, sports, gossip, financial or just about any other site you can imagine to read later. You can save an article from just about any app using the sharing options built into Android. More, you can install the browser extension to mark stories for later reading on your phone or tablet.

If you store stories on your phone using your Wi-Fi network, you can read them later without using mobile data.