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App of the Week: Simple


If there’s one thing we at Ting like, it’s simplicity. If there’s one market that could use the kind of common sense approach that we advocate, it’s banking.

Makes sense, then, that we’d love Simple.

Simple makes saving easy. By tracking the money coming in along with regular expenditures, it figures out how much you spend each month and on what, and lets you see it all on your smartphone.

Simple helps you set and meet your savings goals and provides the data you need to make decisions on what budget items you might need to trim. Its unique “Safe to Spend” calculation lets you know how much you can blow on lunch today or, conversely, if you really should start brown-bagging it.

You can instantly transfer money to other Simple customers, deposit a cheque through the app, and much more. The Simple app is available on Android and iOS – take a closer look with Kyra in our video below.

Simple – Better Banking




Are you with Simple? Like the app? Let us know in the comments!