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App of the Week: Waze


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Why we love Waze:

Remember the movie Falling Down? That whole debacle, entertaining though it was, could have been avoided if Michael Douglas’ character had just downloaded Waze to his phone. Well, if smartphones and apps were a thing at that point in time. I seem to recall the protagonist wanting change for a payphone…

Waze is a turn-by-turn GPS app with a crowd source twist. Not content to just tell you to turn left in 300 yards (thought it does that, of course), Waze also gathers data from other drivers and, if there’s a problem en route, helps to navigate others around it. If you’re the recipient of a mid-route re-route, you’ll be steered around the worst of the trouble.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones stuck in the traffic jam, you can at least feel good about the fact that you’re helping your fellow Waze users get to work on time. The app can even alert you to speed traps, accidents and other driving surprises before you reach them. In short, it could single-handedly avoid a 2013 reboot of the aforementioned film.

Waze has a social element to it too. You can see other Waze drivers, their locations and speeds, on the map. You can share your route so people will know exactly when you’re set to arrive.

It’s not the only turn-by-turn navigation app going. However, it’s certainly the most connected of the lot.