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Best apps for making music for iPhone or Android

Unlock your inner rock star and start composing your own tunes. All you need is a smartphone and one of our favorite apps for making music. You can take your music with you on the go and work on your beats whenever inspiration strikes.

These apps let you build entire songs, sample instruments and drum kits, import files and use professional filters. We’ve included three apps for making music on iPhone as well as Android.


GarageBand for iOS

apps for making musicGarageBand is classic recording software for Mac enthusiasts. The GarageBand app does a good job of imitating the desktop version while stripping away details that on-the-go musicians rarely use. Some of the most important features packed into the app include:

  • Nine acoustic and electronic drum sounds
  • Live Loops for creating EDM templates
  • Virtual keyboards, synths, guitars and other instruments
  • Amp settings and effects

    With a little patience, you can orchestrate detailed songs in GarageBand. You can also have the app record live playing to capture loose ideas that you want to revisit when you have more time.


    iMaschine for iOS

    apps for making music Native Instruments GmbH designed iMaschine to feel like an advanced sampler that fits in your hand. You can record loops and scenes to 16 pads, making it easy for you to execute the right sounds precisely when you want them.

    You don’t have to record your own instruments when using iMaschine. It comes pre-loaded with:

  • 38 drum kits
  • More than 750 samples
  • Keyboards
  • Arpeggiators
  • Chords
  • Scales
  • You can also use your mobile device’s microphone to record vocals and other instruments.

    Figure for iOS

    apps for making music Figure puts the power of an electronic music studio in your iPhone. The app has a simple layout so you can build beats and melodies quickly. You can also use Figure to remix songs and collaborate with other artists all over the world.

    Figure is made by Allihoopa, the same company that developed Reason and Soundtrap. Adding Figure to the suite of Allihoopa mobile apps gives you the power to make any type of music on your smartphone.

    Music Maker JAM for Android

    apps for making musicMusic Maker JAM gives you access to all of the loops, beats and melodies you need to become a seasoned producer. Instead of spending thousands on a studio, though, you just install this app on your Android device.

    Music Maker JAM comes with all of the samples that you need to build your own songs. You can take things to the next level, though, by adding your vocals and combining samples to create unique sounds. The app’s flexibility makes it possible for you to explore any genre of music with nothing more than a smartphone.


    FL Studio Mobile for Android

    apps for making music Fruity Loops has some of the most powerful desktop applications for building complex songs. FL Studio Mobile gives you the most essential tools from Fruity Loops so you can make music on the train, sitting on your couch or anywhere else life takes you.

    Some of the things musicians like most about FL Studio Mobile is that it lets them:

  • Import MIDI files
  • Connect a MINI controller to execute sounds
  • Use a step sequencer to program beats quickly
  • Add notes and chords with the piano roll editor

    MixPads for Android

    apps for making music Like iMaschine, MixPads has a virtual sampler that lets you sequence beats and sounds. MixPads also has unique features that you won’t find in many other music-making apps. For instance, with MixPads on your Android device, you can:

  • Access 30 drum samples
  • Use filters to make your music sound more professional
  • Mix music to get just the right feeling
  • Load your own music and samples

  • These six apps make it possible for anyone to create music. If you’re willing to master a few steps, all you need is your smartphone.

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