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Ask An Exec: Carrier relations and long term vision

Here at Ting, we love getting questions, suggestions and feedback from you.

The “Ask an Executive” video series lets you ask us anything that’s on your mind. We hope this will give you a broader understanding of what we’re all about and a personalized look into how we operate.

We pride ourselves in being open and honest with our customers. What better way to foster this relationship than to get your questions answered, right from the top.

Each week, one Ting community question will be answered by a member of Ting’s top brass. While you may never discover the ultimate secrets to life and the universe, you’ll be well versed in all kinds of Ting-related topics. That’s gotta count for something.

This weeks question comes from Facebook fan Nate C. who asks about Ting’s long term vision and the MVNO model.

If you’ve got a question, send it our way! We promise to read everything you send us.

You can ask us questions via Twitter with the hashtag #AskTing, on Facebook, Google+ or just by commenting on one of our Ting Ask an Exec videos on YouTube.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode!