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You Asked: Transferring texts from iPhone to Android messages

Here’s how to transfer texts from iPhone to Android messages

iPhone to Android messagesPlanning on switching from iPhone to Android? No need to jump the gun and purchase expensive recovery software like TransPhone or iPhone Data Recovery. Manually transferring all of your text messages to your new Android device is completely free and easier than you’d expect.

Transferring texts from iPhone to Android messages does involve a few steps, but it’s nothing complicated. If you have the know-how to navigate through your computer’s file system (such as Finder or Windows Explorer), you should be good to go.

Note: You do not have to own both devices at the same time. Just complete step 1 and (most of) 2 while you still have your iPhone, and the last part of step 2, along with steps 3 and 4 once you’ve picked up your Android device.

Short term and long term plans for Ting Internet?

Recently, Melissa asked, “what are the short and long term plans for Ting Internet?”

So we knocked on some corner office doors and got VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Goldstein, and CEO, Elliot Noss, to answer.

Best budget unlocked Android phone? Motorola phones

best budget unlocked android phone

The best budget unlocked Android phone today? It’s probably a Motorola. You can spend $200 and get a solid smartphone experience, with a beautiful camera set, a fingerprint sensor, lasting battery life and more. The best affordable smartphone is one that has every bell and whistle, but is also unlocked so you have mobile service options.


What is a financial eligibilty date (FED) and what does it have to do with my Sprint phone?

Sprint phone
Ting offers mobile service on a couple of different nationwide networks. Sprint is one of those networks. Any Sprint phone is compatible with Ting. However, to be eligible to activate with a carrier other than Sprint, that phone needs to be free and clear of any financial obligations to Sprint.

Sprint confirms a phone can move carriers by doing a financial eligibility check (FEC) to ensure that phone’s financial eligibilty date (FED) has passed. We’ll explain what that means. Read on!

The full guide to fiber Internet – download the What is fiber Internet? ebook today

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet? Download our ebook

Fiber Internet is totally different from the Internet most of us are used to. From slow and sluggish connections to bloated bandwidth, we’ve all experienced bad Internet, but what about great Internet?

We cover all the exciting stuff of fiber in our latest ebook, What is fiber Internet?

Download a copy today and learn more about the fastest Internet available today.

Ting’s thoughts on the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger

T-Mobile and Sprint mergerWe’ve fielded some questions around the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger. We haven’t said too much because it’s a process. That process is now at a place where we can share our thoughts on the subject in more detail.

Consider this post the tl;dr of our 12-page letter to the FCC on the subject. We’re generally supportive of the proposed merger provided three main points are recognized and addressed. We also have some caveats and cautionary tales to share.

This post got pretty long itself, so here are those three central points in a more digestible format:

MVNOs like Ting, Google Fi, Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular and others are the ones driving innovation, keeping prices down and service levels up. They need to be protected, especially if the “Big Four” carriers are to become three.

eSIM and other technology and standards allow Americans to take the cell phones that they own to any carrier they choose. The public demand for just this kind of innovation in device portability needs to be heard and honored if a merger is to be approved.

Canadian cell phone service sucks. Mostly because of an anti-competitive three carrier, no challengers system. Service is inflexible and expensive because no one has any reason to make it anything different. Americans would be fools not to heed this warning.

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