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No overage penalties.

We have talked to a lot of folks about mobile phone service over the past year and no topic is more inflammatory than overages. (Traditionally, “overage” means usage above some arbitrary amount, triggering a huge spike in rates.) It inspires fear, suspicion and anger. It also defies convention. Why penalize customers for using more? Why treat your best customers like criminals?

At Ting, we don’t.

Whether you use 50 megabytes or 4,000 megabytes, you pay a reasonable rate. (In fact, your 4,000th megabyte is less expensive than your 50th) This is also true for voice minutes and text messages. There is no premium or penalty that kicks in. Ever.

Look at the line of copy above each usage bucket that includes the phrase “…for each additional (unit) beyond XXL.” Imagine your worst possible month and do the math yourself. You will find no whammies here.

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