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Behind the Scenes: Customer Service with Kyra Longford

We’ve recently been working on some interesting projects to give you a better look into the daily operations at Ting. If you’ve ever been faced with a Ting problem too difficult to solve solo, you’ve probably spoken to a member of our customer service team. Unless you’d spoken to us before, you were probably a little taken aback when a real person picked up the phone after a couple of rings. We thought it was time to start showing some of the faces behind those helpful voices!

Meet Kyra, the first Ting employee featured as part of our brand new “Behind the Scenes” series! Kyra spent some time on the phones in the Ting help center and recently joined the marketing team as an intern. The perfect subject for our first Behind the Scenes look!


Who do you think we should we interview next? Another customer service rep or someone from a different department? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for watching!