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2,660.8 gallons of missing coffee recovered!

We like to keep things friendly. Anyone that’s interacted with us knows that.

We don’t like to bog our little promotions down with terms, conditions, fine print, gotchas or legalese. We’d rather give the 99.999%* who are approaching them honestly and in good faith a great experience than to build them to account for the small minority of people looking to game the system. When you build promotions with the 0.001% in mind, you end up making something that requires eight pages of rules and regulations.

We like to keep our relationships less combative than that. Respect for people — our customers and everyone else — is one of the key tenets on which Ting is built and one of the major differentiators between us and just about every other mobile company out there.

Anyone that went through the process to get a coffee on us (specifically, running a savings calculation with three recent bills in order to get a $5 gift card good at Starbucks) or anyone that’s jumped in on any of the various other promos we’ve run can attest to that.

Every once in a while though, someone comes along that wants to mess with the program.

This morning, we had just such a someone. A person who shall remain nameless decided to game the system, found an exploit and took over $35,000 worth of codes. Totally not in the spirit of the promotion we’re running. We won’t even wade into discussions of fraud and theft.

Whatever the case, we closed the loopholes. We had the codes snagged through nefarious means rendered null and void and we spoke to the law so that everything is on record.

We’re posting this for two reasons: For one, we wanted to let anyone that had problems with the Ting coffee promotion this morning know why and to offer an apology. Second, after spending entirely too much time dealing with this issue, we figured we should at least get a fun blog post out of the deal.

So, if you’re wondering about the math behind the headline, here it is:

7,050 coffee codes grabbed through nefarious means = $35,250 in credit

1 Venti coffee = $2.07 and 20 fl. oz. (590ml)
$35,250 buys 17028.99 Venti coffees
17029 Venti cups = 340,580 fl. oz. of coffee
340,580 fl. oz. = 2660.8 US gallons

*Adding three decimal places to a number automatically makes it 93.235% more scientific-looking.

Behind the Scenes: Customer Service with Kyra Longford

We’ve recently been working on some interesting projects to give you a better look into the daily operations at Ting. If you’ve ever been faced with a Ting problem too difficult to solve solo, you’ve probably spoken to a member of our customer service team. Unless you’d spoken to us before, you were probably a little taken aback when a real person picked up the phone after a couple of rings. We thought it was time to start showing some of the faces behind those helpful voices!

Meet Kyra, the first Ting employee featured as part of our brand new “Behind the Scenes” series! Kyra spent some time on the phones in the Ting help center and recently joined the marketing team as an intern. The perfect subject for our first Behind the Scenes look!


Who do you think we should we interview next? Another customer service rep or someone from a different department? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for watching!