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Stress-free service for Anne-Elizabeth


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Anne-Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn and has been a Ting customer since 2016. She currently saves $30 a month on her phone bill with Ting. Anne-Elizabeth wanted to switch providers after she purchased a new smartphone for work, an iPhone 5c.

“I was worried about staying within the limits of my plan or constantly changing the plan to cover my usage. I didn’t want to have to buy more minutes or data than I actually needed.”

Catching up with Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft

Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft has been hailed as a savior of American StarCraft 2. Exclusively sponsored by Ting, he’s been travelling the world as a professional gamer for several years now, making a name for himself as one of the best.

Last time we featured Neeb on the Ting blog, we praised his abilities as one of the top foreigners (non-Koreans) in the pro scene and the best American ever to play StarCraft 2. With consistent top results throughout all of 2016, we went as far as to say this would be the “Neeb era of StarCraft 2” and that the best was yet to come.

Was it ever.

Mere weeks after we wrote that article, Neeb would go on to become the first non-Korean in 16 years to win a premier StarCraft tournament in Korea (and the first ever in StarCraft 2).

This was no close final either: Neeb handily defeated Trap 4-0 in the grand finals of KeSPA Cup in Seoul, South Korea with stellar macro and clutch disruptor play. Representing Ting and North America, Neeb took home $18,000 and the KeSPA Cup trophy, making history in the process.

About a month later, Neeb would find even more success as the lone American representative at BlizzCon, placing top eight at the WCS Global Finals and picking up another $15,000. Earning over $93,000 in tournament winnings in one year is no easy feat, but it’s clear this is just the beginning for Neeb.

Neeb Blizzcon
Neeb facing Dark at BlizzCon 2016

The price is right with Anissa S


Showcasing some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Anissa S lives in Arizona and has been a Ting customer for almost a year, using a Nexus 5X as her daily driver.

Her Ting cell phone bill is significantly cheaper compared to what she was paying with one of the Big Four wireless providers. Anissa realized that by switching to a smaller carrier, she could keep the great nationwide network coverage she needed while receiving a much better overall experience.

“I was using Sprint for the last 13 years and while I liked the service coverage, I didn’t like their plan prices and they did not have great customer service. For my usage, Ting was about 75% cheaper than what I was paying with Sprint.”
The price is right with Anissa -

Ting customer spotlight: Josh P

The Ting subreddit is a space for ongoing conversations about Ting and the US mobile industry in general. From questions, suggestions, shout-outs, Ting hacks and much more, it’s a great place to get quality, honest information about Ting.

Recently, Josh was looking around for cheaper cell phone alternatives and stumbled upon Ting on reddit, realizing it would integrate well with his Google Voice + VoIP landline combo and save him $35 a month in the process. After making the switch, Josh took to the Ting subreddit to share his setup with other redditors and explain why Ting was the perfect fit.

We were intrigued by this “communication trifecta” Josh mentioned and reached out to see if he’d be up for a chat. Josh was glad to tell us more of his story, explaining how this phone system works, the reasons he likes Ting, how much he’s saving and more.

Gaming for a living: Meet Neeb, Ting’s pro gamer

I recently had the chance to watch the World Championship StarCraft (WCS) Summer Championships live at DreamHack Montreal and meet Alex Sunderhaft, aka Neeb – the up and coming New York StarCraft 2 player who’s been repping Ting all across the globe.

While just 18 years old, Neeb has been around the scene for several years, placing top 12 in WCS Season 1 America 2014 just after turning 16. An exceptional talent when it comes to StarCraft, Neeb decided to switch to the Protoss race two years ago and saw his success rise even further – a rare move in StarCraft 2 but one that has definitely paid off.

Since picking up Neeb, he’s posted some amazing results at World Championship Series Premier events. In just five months, Neeb has placed second at both DreamHack Austin and IEM Shanghai, third at WCS Copa Intercontinental, top four at DreamHack Montreal and top eight at DreamHack Tours and DreamHack Valencia.

Ting Internet support with Paul

Meet Paul, Ting Internet Customer Advisor at our St. Catharines office.

It’s not just our customers who are excited about gigabit fiber Internet – Paul shares the same enthusiasm. With two towns up and running (and two more on the way), Paul spends his days chatting with Ting Internet customers and enjoys helping them out however he can.