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Behind the Scenes: Talking dev with Carrie

In today’s episode of Behind the Scenes we chat with Carrie, the Interface Developer on Ting.

Working with product, marketing and user experience teams, Carrie turns mocked up images, copy, stylings and ideas into a reality. Whether the Ting shop, Trade-in program or Ting for business, she’s always adjusting the site and creating new pages to meet our needs.

Ever check out on your smartphone? You can thank Carrie. She develops responsive web designs to give you a top-notch browsing experience across any type of device.

Learn more about Carrie and her role at Ting in our video below!

Internet rockstar Robin Chase joins our Board of Directors

We announced yesterday that Robin Chase, best known as the founder of Zipcar, has joined our Board of Directors. You can read about why we love her and she loves us in our press release.

Also check out her Ted talks to get a better feel for her passion and how freaking cool she is.

I am really, really excited about this. It says so much about how we define ourselves and how we want to challenge ourselves. I also think it says something about what we have accomplished.

When we first started building Ting, we talked a lot about the sort of brands we wanted to emulate. Right from the beginning, that list included Zipcar, as well as ING, Netflix, Etsy and Skype. In my mind, each of these brands did three very special things:

Behind the Scenes: Customer service with Páraic

In today’s episode of Behind the Scenes we chat with Páraic, a Senior Support Advisor at Ting.

Páraic’s role involves giving customer advisors everything they need to provide Ting’s unique brand of human-powered help to all our customers.

Paraic chats about his daily duties, the culture at Ting and why he enjoys working here in our video below.

Behind the Scenes: Big data with Beth

Today’s Behind the Scenes features Beth, the Information Specialist here at Ting. As part of Graeme’s Info Systems team, Beth role is to examine trends and identify areas of the business that need focus.

From customer usage to average bills, Beth researches monthly reports and digs into backend data to help the rest of the company make decisions on a daily basis. Marketing, for example, uses Beth’s analytics BYOD tracking tool to examine the success of certain marketing promotions. The Support team relies on a daily report from Beth that outlines any shipment issues that have arisen in the past 24 hours.

Find out more about Beth, why she enjoys working here and her thoughts on Ting in our video below!

Ting Staff Picks: Brad’s Top 5

Ting-HTCOneAs a product manager and overall techie, I surprisingly don’t venture too deep into the app world. I primarily use my phone for messaging, email, and of course, reddit.

I’m a big fan of minimalistic apps, as everything I need becomes only a tap or a gesture away. That being said, I spend much more of my efforts customizing my device so it’s simple and doesn’t get in my way. I’m currently using the the HTC One (M7), which cosmetically, I think is the best phone on the market.

Apart from just looks, the M7 has an amazing 1080p HD screen and some great front facing speakers. It lacks in the battery life category but other than that I couldn’t be happier.

Below is a list of five essential apps that I use on a regular basis.


Ting Staff Picks: Kyra’s top five

staffpicksWelcome to Ting App Picks, a weekly blog series where Ting employees share their top five apps and explain why they are the best of the bunch.

You’ll be checking out a wide selection of apps that entertain, improve productivity, enhance usability and much more.

Today’s top five comes from one of our Marketing Coordinator’s, Kyra!

As Ting’s resident app specialist, Kyra’s constantly searching for new apps and highlighting the cream of the crop.

She thought it would be useful to write about one essential smartphone app in five different categories: food, travel, work, finance and games!