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Ting Staff Picks: Ben’s top five

staffpicksWelcome to Ting Staff Picks, a weekly blog series where Ting employees share their top five apps and explain why they are the best of the bunch.

You’ll be checking out a wide selection of apps that entertain, improve productivity, enhance usability and much more.


ben with his dog drakeThe headline above (like most headlines on the Internet), is a lie. Sorry about that. I just can’t pick only five top apps to talk to you about, so after some back and forth with the content peeps, they agreed to let me do five apps under two categories: work and play. I’ve decided to post my top five ‘play’ apps first, and I’ll post the other five at a later date. The other terms of the deal included a photo of me with my dog Drake and his sunglasses.

On with the show…

I’m a big fan of Android, but when it comes to my own personal device, I admit to being just shy of an Apple fanboy. I had the very first iPhone when it came out, and I have mad respect for Apple kickstarting the whole ‘mobile computer in your pocket’ movement. Apple has consistently nailed the needs for me as a consumer and while Android offers more flexibility, I’m ok giving up some the ‘advanced configurability’ of Android in exchange for a tightly integrated hardware / software mobile ecosystem. And if you have something to add… well that’s why we have a comments section, amiright?

Here are my go-to iPhone apps for ‘play’:

Ting Staff Picks: Justen’s top five

staffpicksWelcome to Ting Staff Picks, a weekly blog series where Ting employees share their top five apps and explain why they are the best of the bunch.

You’ll be checking out a wide selection of apps that entertain, improve productivity, enhance usability and much more.

Almost everyone at Ting has some level of a smartphone preference. Whether Android or iPhone, we have loyal fans in the office on each end of the spectrum, which creates for some interesting (and only slightly-hostile) debates.

One man who does not partake in these petty arguments is Ting product guy Justen. He preaches smartphone inclusion. You might even call him obsessed.vlcsnap-2014-08-25-13h23m39s245

From iPhone to Android, Blackberrys, Firefox OS devices and Windows Phones, Justen strolls in with a different device almost every day and is only too happy to spread the smartphone love. So who better to kick off our Ting Staff Picks series than the most smartphone addiction-afflicted one on the team?

Without further ado, here’s Justen with his five essential smartphone apps:

Behind the Scenes: Product management with Robert

Robert Lake is a Product Manager here at Ting. In short, that means he helps to make Ting even better based on internal and external feedback. He shepherds new features both big and small through the development process, from idea to fully realized product.

Along with Brad, Justen and the rest of the Product team, everything from the initial research to gathering written copy, creating support tools and acting as a liaison between marketing, the development, customer service and other teams (and much more) falls under their purview.

Rob has played a key role in several large projects here at Ting including a complete re-thinking of the way online activation works to a similarly overhauled and re-imagined Ting Shop page.

Learn more about Rob and his role at Ting in our Behind the Scenes video below!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:
Your turn!

ice bucket challengesmallThis weekend, a few of us at Ting were nominated to complete the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge.

While thinking about our video and who we’d subsequently nominate, we realized that the best way to support this excellent charity and help increase awareness is through all of you!

For the first 100 people who share their video and tag Ting, $100 will be donated to the ALS Association. To help encourage as many of you as possible to upload a video and help support this worthy cause, we’re also randomly giving away one brand new Nexus 5 to a lucky participant! *Congrats to our Nexus 5 winner, Jon S!

You must share your Ice Bucket Challenge video within 24 hours of our video posting (ends tomorrow, August 19 at 5:00 PM ET).
We’ve extended the deadline! You have until Thursday, August 21 at 5:00 PM ET to submit your Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Sharing Details

Make sure to include one of the official ALS hashtags, #IceBucketChallenge, #ALSIceBucketChallenge or #StrikeOutALS

  • FacebookShare the video publicly and tag Ting’s Facebook page in your post (type @Ting in your post and select our Facebook page).
  • TwitterShare a link to the video and tag @tingFTW in your tweet.
  • Google+Share the video and tag Ting’s Google+ page in your post (type +tingFTW in your post and select our Google+ page).
  • InstagramShare the video and tag @ting in your post.


Thanks to the Ting community for stepping up to the Ice Bucket Challenge.
You raised $2,400 for the The ALS Association!



Nexus 5 winner will randomly selected and contacted on Wednesday, August 20 before 12PM ET.

Behind the Scenes: Customer service with Siham

Today’s episode of Behind the Scenes features Siham, a Senior Support Advisor here at Ting.

As a Senior Advisor, Siham ensures that Ting Customer Advisors feel capable and confident in helping Ting customers each and every day. From monitoring call volumes to sharing internal resources, she plays an important role in the overall success of our support team.

Learn more about Siham’s responsibilities at Ting, why she enjoys working here and some challenges she’s faced along the way!

How we Work part 2: Staying on task with Asana

How we Work is an ongoing series where we talk about the software and services we use every day to communicate, collaborate and generally get the job done. In this second instalment, we’ll take a look at Asana, the one app that keeps us all on track.

AsanaIn the previous instalment of How we Work, we discussed development on Ting happening in two week “sprints.”

In these sprints, the product, design, user experience, customer service, front and back end development, marketing, content and other teams all contribute to get features that are planned for Ting off the drawing board and onto the live site / service.

Asana, which operates with the tagline “teamwork without email,” is what keeps us all on the same page.

Asana gives the various teams working on Ting a place to communicate and stay organized. In addition to being a handy personal task and to-do list, Asana gives us one centralized place to get together online.

The key benefit of Asana is that everything is kept in one place and every comment and discussion that’s relevant to a specific project remains tied to that project. Compare that with email where different people get cc’d at different points along the way. Late additions miss out on all the context unless they take the time to read through a wall of email replies and forwarded messages.