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We asked Ting customers: what are the best money saving apps?

woman with iphone about to save tons of cash

The best money saving apps

Ting customers are some of the savviest people around when it comes to tips and tricks for saving money.

When we asked you to weigh in on the best money saving apps, your recommendations didn’t disappoint.

These apps will help you save more, budget better and make the most of your paycheck. The best apps for saving money are all-in-one organization tools, deal finders and free content databases.

Want to save more? It’s time to start downloading.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

best money saving appsYou Need a Budget was one of the most recommended apps for saving cash by Ting customers.

YNAB combines desktop software and a mobile app. Update your budget on your computer and sync with your app so you can track your expenses on the go.

YNAB can also connect with your bank and sync across multiple devices so you can stay on track with a partner or family member. With your account, you get access to help docs, podcasts, budgeting classes and more.

You can get started with YNAB and try it free for 34 days. After that, YNAB costs $4.17 per month, billed annually at $50.

YNAB comes highly recommended by savvy Ting savers and is available for iOS and Android.

Red Laser for Android

best money saving appsWith the RedLaser app, shoppers can scan items and see more about a product from other online and local retailers.

Let’s say you’re in Target and you see a shiny new Fitbit you’d like to grab yourself. Just open your Red Laser app, scan the Fitbit barcode and get competitive prices, information and user product reviews.

Red Laser helps you up your shopping game and find the best prices. It also acts as a helpful extra check to dissuade impulse purchases.

The app is available for free for Android phones.

Key Ring

best money saving appsKey Ring lets you store all your loyalty and membership cards with an app on your smartphone.

Debit, credit and membership cards are moving increasingly to being stored on your phone with services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. The wallet is going digital. With KeyRing, you’ll never be caught at checkout without a points card again.

When you make a purchase in store, just display your card barcode on your screen so clerks and employees can scan it at checkout.

Key Ring also lets you create sharable shopping lists and gets you access to discounts, sales and coupons for popular stores like Walmart, Target, CVS and more.

Key Ring is available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

OverDrive, Hoopla or other library apps

best money saving appsIf you also love audiobooks and magazines and are looking to save some cash, your local library might have free access to databases on apps like Hoopla, OverDrive and more.

All those audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and paperback copies can add up over time. Head over to your local library and see what you can get for free with a library card.

Make sure to download your library’s database app so you can take your reading and listening with you, everywhere you go on your smartphone or tablet.


The Ting app

best money saving appsWith the Ting app, you can set custom alerts, caps and limits on the data, texts and minutes you use. With alerts that let you know when you’re approaching your cap, the Ting app can help you save a bunch on your mobile bill.

Download the Ting app for free for your Android or iOS phone.