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Best phone for someone who lives on a boat?

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Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

What’s the best phone for someone who lives on a boat?

When important questions come in to Ting, we take them right to the top. In this case, CEO Elliot Noss.

One such question asks, “What smartphone does Ting recommend for someone who lives on a boat”

First, we wholeheartedly fist-bump this lifestyle choice. Second, Elliot recommends the Samsung Galaxy S8 due to its IP68 certification (water resistant, 30 minutes at 1.5m). While other phones boast of being “splash-proof,” the S8 prides itself on being part phone, part fish.

Also, you may enjoy one of our pop-sockets for added phone grip. We can’t make any promises because demand often outstrips supply, but we’re always happy to send them to people who ask.

See you on the open water.