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The best simple smartphones for an easy-to-use upgrade

Best simple smartphones

No matter how great a phone is, at some point, either due to its age or changing mobile network technology, we have no choice but to upgrade. For some of us, that time has come due to the major carriers shutting down their 3G networks and requiring all phones to have Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or learn to use an overly complex phone. The best manufacturers are concentrating on making excellent, straightforward smartphones for the average user like never before. For those of you that prefer an easy-to-use phone that won’t break the bank, here are some of the best simple smartphones you can find.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Best simple smartphones: Samsung Galaxy A11

Dubbed by many as “the Samsung Galaxy for everyone,” the A11 offers Samsung quality and features in an incredibly affordable package. Even though the phone is well under $200, users enjoy a 6.4” HD+ display, a triple-lens camera and fast charging. The long-lasting battery will get you through a typical day’s usage on a single charge. While it won’t get confused with an S20 anytime soon, there’s no doubt that this is a Samsung. Get it now in the Ting Shop for just $179.

Motorola moto g fast

best simple smartphones: moto g fast

Motorola phones have been delighting customers looking for affordable phones with great features for some time now. The moto g fast continues this trend but this time around, they’ve added a bump in performance in the form of a faster processor and a bit more RAM than entry-level Motorola models and many of its direct competitors. A 6.4” HD+ display, triple-lens camera, and fast-charging battery with a claimed two-day lifespan round out this excellent upgrade option. It’s still easy to use too, so we’ve got to include it in this list of the best simple smartphones. It’s only $199 in the Ting Shop.

Motorola moto e

For those on a tight budget who still want a reliable phone with some creature comforts, the moto e could be just the ticket. A 6.2” HD+ display and 13MP main rear camera ensure all’s good on the imaging side of things. An additional depth-sensor lens allows for slick-looking portrait shots with blurred backgrounds. It’s a moto so of course, battery life is excellent. You’ll save a couple bucks on this one as well; get one of the best simple smartphones for just $149 in the Ting Shop.

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