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The best phones under $100

best smartphones under $100

At Ting Mobile, we firmly believe that you should love your phone as much as you love the huge savings you get by joining Ting. For some, that may mean the latest flagship phone. For others, they simply want an affordable phone that does everything they need it to. We’ve already made a list of excellent phones with surprisingly advanced features for under $200. But believe it or not, you can actually get some great brand name phones for even less. Future-proofed with capabilities like Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and more, these incredibly affordable phones make great upgrades.

Here’s a list of the best smartphones under $100.

LG K40 – $99

Best smartphones under $100: LG K40

Already a trusted name in mobile phones and other electronics, LG has stepped their game up even further, especially when it comes to the first category. This applies not only to their premium offerings but to more affordable ones like the K40 as well. With a 5.7” HD+ display and an 8MP rear camera, the casual phone user will be more than happy with the images they take as well as the ones they view on screen. The K40 even has a front-facing flash for low-light selfies and the welcome inclusion of a fingerprint sensor. Many users’ favorite feature, however, is the long-lasting battery that LG promises will get you through “an eventful day.” The LG K40 is just $99 in the Ting Shop.

Motorola moto e6 – $99

Best smartphones under $100: moto e6

We’ve never made a secret of the fact we think Motorola makes great phones, so we’re happy to be able to offer the moto e6 at an incredible price. Like the K40, the e6 delivers all the features the casual phone user could want in a package more attractive and sturdy than what you might expect at this price point. 5.5” HD+ display? Check. 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera for crisp photos? You got it. Plus with a battery that will last more than a day in most situations, you won’t have to worry about lugging your charger around as much. Now available at a considerably lower price than on its release, it’s a shoo-in for our best smartphones under $100 list. You can get the e6 for just $99 in the Ting Shop.

Bonus Phone: NUU F4L – $79

Best smartphones under $100: Nuu F4L

We decided to call this one a bonus consideration because it’s not a smartphone, but rather a flip phone with some enhanced capabilities. Slim but well-built, it features a tactile keyboard with large buttons, a bright main screen, and a straightforward OS. It’s a simple phone to use, especially if you’ve had a flip or other feature phone previously, and a good choice for seniors. As a true 4G LTE VoLTE phone, it’ll work on modern networks for years to come and provide crystal clear calls. Realistically, don’t count on downloading or doing much browsing on this non-touchscreen phone. If a great talk-and-text phone for a low price is your speed, however, check it out in the Ting Shop

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Already have a phone you love? That’s great, most phones can come to Ting Mobile with no problems. See if yours can!