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The best TV for Ting Internet customers

Streaming TV - Set top box with signal bars, flat screen TV with Ting logo

Today we’re excited to announce an amazing TV experience that pairs perfectly with Crazy Fast Fiber Internet®.

Traditional TV, AKA Cable TV is in a downward spiral. We don’t need charts to know that, but if we did with traditional TV losing 1.8m subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 alone, it’d look a little something like this: 📉. The pandemic has catalyzed the existing reaction and the end-of-year numbers promise to be even more interesting. People are upgrading to streaming TV at a rate that is inspiring or, if you’re selling traditional TV (which we’re not), unsettling. 

We’ve been talking about TV for a couple of years. In that time we’ve looked at every possible combination of channels, devices and services to solve TV for our customers. We discovered some interesting things along the way. We’re putting that learning into practice.

Upgrade to streaming TV

Upgrading to streaming TV gives people all the pros of traditional TV including live and local news, premium cable channels, sports and DVR. It does so without all the cons like expensive monthly bills, contracts, bundling, price creep.

You may have a Smart TV at home or a streaming device like an Apple TV. You may have already discovered the wealth of content these devices make available for free or with a subscription. If not, you’ve no doubt got friends and family imploring you to take a look. We’re making it easy to do so. 

As you sign up for Ting Crazy Fast Fiber Internet, you’ll have the option to sign up for YouTube TV or Sling TV in parallel. We’re also offering a couple of hardware options including the intuitive Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K with remote
Apple TV 4K 32GB for $9/mo

Parity with everything traditional cable TV offers but without all the downsides is great. Upgrading to streaming TV brings other benefits too.

Love anime or can’t get enough of documentaries? You can sign up for dedicated video services focused on those specific genres on Apple TV. You can find it all on Apple TV 4K, including music, games, fitness,and other fun apps.

If you take us up on the offer for help getting connected with streaming TV, we’ll provide your Apple TV 4K or other hardware and get you upgraded to streaming TV when we come to install Ting Internet. 

This an offer, not an upsell. So if you, like millions of former traditional TV users, have already discovered the benefits of upgrading to streaming TV, great. We’ll just humbly suggest that you want the fastest, most reliable Internet around to level the experience up. That’s us.

To sign up for Ting Crazy Fast Fiber Internet, to see the super simple new purchase path that is helpful where it needs to be and gets out of the way when you want it to, check your address and sign up for the best Internet access in the business. If you’re an existing Ting Internet customer who wants our help in solving TV, we’re happy to walk through that with you too. Just reach out.

About Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K delivers the highest quality cinematic experience of stunning 4K HDR visuals and immersive sound with Dolby Atmos. Customers can use the Siri Remote to ask Siri to play live channels, movies or TV shows. On the Apple TV app, customers can access on-demand programs and live sports in the Watch Now section, and add shows, movies and games to Up Next, ensuring they never miss a game or new episode. And with a simple tap of the AirPlay icon on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, Ting Internet users can stream 4K HDR movies and TV shows from the Apple TV app and other AirPlay-compatible video apps as well as music, photos and more directly from their Apple device to the TV connected to Apple TV 4K.