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The best YouTube tech channels: Part three

iJustine is one of our picks for the Best youtube tech channels
Header image source: iJustine - Telling my old iPhones about the new iPhone 12

They say that all best things come in threes. 

There’s the three primary colors, the three Lord of the Rings books and, of course, the three installments of our look at the best YouTube tech channels.

We’ve already talked about some of the absolute best YouTube tech reviewers, such as the mighty MrMobile, the magnificent MKBHD and the spectacular Sara Dietchy, but there’s still a whole host of fantastic creators to discuss.

So, in the word’s of another of our favorite YouTubers, let’s just jump into it. 

(Let us know in the comments if you know who we’re talking about.)

Rene Ritchie 

Compared to some of the other channels that we’ve discussed in our previous articles about the best YouTube tech channels, Rene Ritchie and his roughly 138,000 subscribers is one of the smaller communities that we’ve touched on.

Don’t let these numbers fool you though. Ritchie is far from new to the game. 

In fact, he’s been an influential voice in the tech space for quite some time. Way back in 2012 Richie was featured on Business Insider’s list of the top 15 Apple analysts to follow and was also named one of the top 100 influential people in tech, on Twitter, in 2014.

This reputation no doubt stemmed from his position as Editor-in-chief at, Mobile Nations’ Apple specific site. 

This is a position, however, that Ritchie no longer holds. 

Recently, he took the leap and went independent. And boy, are we glad he did. 

This independence has allowed Ritchie to produce some of the most educational and informative tech content that we’ve ever seen on YouTube. Ritchie speaks with almost unparalleled knowledge about all things Apple.

It may still be early days for Ritchie’s channel but you’re going to want to subscribe now. With the industry knowledge that he possesses, and the quality of his videos, we just know that his channel is going to be huge. 

UFD Tech

Brett, who is the presenter over on the UFD Tech channel, clearly has a sincere love of all things tech. This love is infectious. 

It’s probably the reason that him and his team have been able to generate nearly 65.5 million views and over 330,000 subscribers. It’s also probably the reason that he’s got one of the best YouTube tech channels out there. 

With a focus on gaming, and especially gaming computers, UFD Tech is a channel that shines in keeping its viewers up to date with the latest and greatest tech news. They’ll cover everything from graphics card updates, to iPhone rumours and even SpaceX news.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a source of tech news, you need to check out UFD Tech. They cover almost everything and they cover it brilliantly. 


“It isn’t hyperbolic to call Justine Ezarik – who goes by iJustine online – the original influencer.” 

This quotation comes from Forbes’ profile on iJustine and we could think of no better way to describe how important (or influential, if you will) iJustine has been to the YouTube space.

According to the same profile, iJustine started blogging about her love of Apple products when she was still in college and was producing video content as early as 2002. No wonder she’s so good at it eh?

It wasn’t until 2007, however, that iJustine truly became a household name.

Many people first heard the name in relation to the 300 page phone bill that she received from AT&T (no surprises there huh?).

She made a video about it, bemoaning the waste of paper, which absolutely blew up. Her video received over 3 million views in 10 days, which may not sound like a lot by today’s standards but was massive for the time. 

Since then, iJustine has gone from strength to strength. She currently has over 6.6 million subscribers and over 1.2 *billion* total views. 

While her channel is not limited to solely tech related videos, she has a playlist called Tech Tuesday which makes it nice and easy to find all that techy goodness. 

In this series, iJustine will unbox, review and discuss some of the most cutting edge technology out there. Not only does she offer insightful and thoughtful commentary on the products she reviews, but her videos are absolutely magnificently produced, making them a joy to watch. 

Andru Edwards

Andru Edwards is a man of many hats. 

Not literal hats (although maybe, we can’t speak to the content of his wardrobe) but let’s just say that he must be a very busy man.

Not only does Edwards run one of the best YouTube tech channels, where he amassed a following of over 200,000 subscribers and around 64 million views, but he’s the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Gear Live.

Oh, and did we mention he hosts the Geared Up podcast alongside another of our favourite tech creators, Jon Rettinger?

It seems to us like Edwards must spend 25 hours a day thinking about technology and it’s reflected in his content. His opinions are clearly based on a wealth of experience, and this makes him extremely reliable when it comes to technology news and reviews.

Edwards also has some of the best edited videos around. So even if you had absolutely no interest in tech (which would be rather strange if you’re reading this article) his content is worth watching just for the videography.

With his visually captivating videos, quality content, and frankly his engaging personality, Edwards’ name definitely deserves to be brought up in any article discussing the best in the game.

Unbox Therapy

If you told someone in 1920 that one day people would spend their time watching other people open boxes, they’d probably say you were mad.

Well I guess that makes us, and the more than 17 million people that subscribe to Unbox Therapy, mad. 

The two man team of Lewis Hilsentenger, the presenter, and Jack McCann, the videographer, won over their colossal audience with a very simple, but very entertaining, content concept. 

They unbox things. 

“What things?”. Great question, me. 

The Unbox Therapy team will unbox just about anything tech-related. In fact, the description of the channel on YouTube says they’ll showcase anything “from the newest smartphone to surprising gadgets and technology you never knew existed”.

This, right here, is what makes them one of the best tech YouTube channels.

Not only do you get a chance to see the latest and greatest technology but you also get an insight into some of the wackier tech creations out there. 

Unbox Therapy is a great place to turn to for all those gadgets you didn’t know you needed. For example, we used their channel as one of the sources for our article on clever charging gadgets.

So whether you’re looking for an expert opinion on the hottest new phone, or you’re just wanting to get a glimpse of some products that are a little more outside the box (sorry, not sorry), Unbox Therapy is the channel for you.

Who did we miss?

We’re now three installments into this series and honestly it’s starting to feel like we could keep writing these forever. 

There’s just so many fantastic content creators on YouTube, it makes it so hard to pick! 

Have we covered your favorite creator? If not, let us know who to include next time in the comments below.

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