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Which iPhone 7 is best to bring to Ting?

Great news! You can now purchase the latest iPhone directly from Ting for use on both GSM and CDMA networks. Take a look through the Ting Shop listings.

Update: SIM-free iPhone 7 is now available

  • SIM-free iPhone 7 model number A1660 or A1661 (for the iPhone 7 Plus) is fully compatible with both Ting CDMA and Ting GSM

Compatible SIM cards

Other compatible models

  • iPhone 7 model number A1778 (or A1784 for the iPhone 7 Plus) is compatible with Ting GSM but not Ting CDMA.

Let’s talk about the iPhone 7 and Ting.

First, a little bit of background. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s were a bit miraculous. Just about any iPhone from those generations that was sold in the United States could move to and from any of the major networks. That made switching to Ting pretty straightforward.

This smartphone has many incredible new features, but its compatibility with Ting is a bit trickier.

If you want to buy an iPhone 7 to bring directly to Ting, our recommendation is that you look for model A1660 (or A1661 for the iPhone 7 Plus). If you’re purchasing a used Sprint iPhone 7, make sure you check its IMEI (serial number) in our compatibility checker to ensure it doesn’t have an outstanding financial liability.

Once you get the right phone, you’ll also need the right Ting SIM: for CDMA, it’s the C6 and for GSM, it’s the X1.

The upside to choosing model A1660 (or A1661) is that it fully supports our CDMA and GSM networks. You can easily switch it to Sprint or T-Mobile, or even to Verizon, AT&T, and U.S. Cellular if you ever move outside Ting coverage.

There is some speculation that an “unlocked” iPhone 7 CDMA (with GSM as an added bonus) may be added to the Apple Store in the next few weeks. We’ll update this blog post once that happens.

The “unlocked” (SIM-free) iPhone 7 is now available in the Apple Store.

Now that you know way more about this than you probably ever wanted to know, just in case you manage to get your hands on the GSM-only model A1778 (or A1784 for the Plus), you can still use it on our GSM network. You’ll just need our X1 SIM.