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Building a one-of-a-kind phone plan for your family

Ting’s phone plans are custom fit for families

Jodi lives with her family in Virginia. They currently save $50 a month on two phones with Ting.

Jodi loves Ting’s flexible, pay for what you use service. On Ting, she can add a third line to her family’s account whenever they need it.

“Our family is starting to grow up. We have four boys who are starting to become more independent. Ting makes sense because we pay for a third phone when we need it, and not when we don’t. Camp this month? Pay the $6 line fee and then shut it back off when we don’t need it anymore.”

phone plan

It’s important to teach kids about responsible phone use and Ting helps you do it. Set limits and caps for particular phones in your dashboard and control how much data, texts and talk minutes your kids get.

“My children aren’t old enough to have access to the Internet unsupervised. So I limit internet capabilities to allow texting only.”

With Ting’s pay for what you use service, families can use their phones as needed, and then pay a fair price for what they used. Ting lets you build a phone plan of your own so you can skip the expensive, unlimited plan.

“I love that Ting allows us to set up a plan that works for our family. No need to pay for data we don’t need to use. No need to have three lines all the time. The flexibility at a lower price point allows our family to thrive.”

Jodi uses her phone for text, talk, a bit of web browsing, Facebook and email. She loves Ting’s tips and tricks and uses them to cut her data.

“I download Netflix videos at home to watch at doctor appointments. I download audiobooks from the library to listen to as we drive. I download an area in Google Maps to navigate the big city.”

Ting is made for families. Add or drop a line at a moment’s notice and help your kids use their first phones responsibly. Start tailoring your phone plan instead of paying extra for services you don’t need. Check out how much you could save.