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Introduce us to your company. We’ll buy you a coffee.

With unlimited devices, a $6 monthly line fee, great rates, “pay for what you use”, a beautiful dashboard and the best customer support in the industry, we know Ting can save businesses serious time and money.

In fact, we have the data to prove it. Now we just need to meet us some businesses.

So we figured we would start, as we always do, with our customers. Your word is the only one that really counts when it comes to our service and our savings.

A lot of you likely work for companies that provide cellphones to at least some of its employees. (If you’re with Ting, you are probably not getting a work phone yourself. But maybe the executive team gets them? Maybe the sales people, the warehouse guys or the drivers? Maybe there are just a bunch of company loaners or hotspots around for some purpose?)

We would be grateful if you would introduce us to the person that manages your company cellphones. In fact, we would happily offer you a $5 Starbucks card for the introduction. We figure that’s just generous enough to get you to walk down the hallway but not so generous that either of us feels weird about it.

If you are willing to do us this solid, just fill out the form below. (By the way, if you yourself are the mobile decision maker in your organization, feel free to say so. We’ll happily give you the $5 Starbucks card to talk to us about taking this relationship from personal to business.) Someone here will get in touch with you directly to have that conversation or make that introduction. Then we’ll send you your cup of thank you.

Until then, thank you!

App of the Week: Expensify

Today’s app of the week makes expense reports and dealing with business related receipts easy.

Expensify is great for business travellers, salespeople, or anyone else who has to wrestle with the dreaded expense report.

A free app for Android and iPhone, Expensify has some excellent features that aim to make business life easier. Smartscan, for example, will automatically recognize, convert and input the data from a receipt you take a picture of.

Expensify also lets you track your mileage distance using your device’s GPS, which is super helpful. There are a few premium add-ons that you can opt to purchase, though Expensify works great without you having to spend a dime.

Find out everything that makes Expensify a must-have smartphone app for business travellers in our App of the Week video below!



Download from Google Play

Download from the App Store

Case study: The Doe Fund and Ting


PrintThe Doe Fund is a nonprofit organization headquartered in New York, NY. They also happen to be among the Ting customers with the most active devices on their account.

In their own words: For more than two decades, The Doe Fund has provided a proven, effective and sustainable solution to homelessness and criminal recidivism. Built on the premise that “work works,” its cornerstone program, Ready, Willing & Able offers paid job opportunities in tandem with an individualized service package, including transitional housing, occupational training, comprehensive social support, job readiness and placement assistance, and life-long graduate resources. The Community Improvement Project, its most visible initiative, employs program participants at above minimum wage to clean 150 miles of New York City streets daily. To date, more than 5,500 individuals have graduated from the program to lead independent, productive, law-abiding and drug-free lives.

The Doe Fund’s operations span several offices, and include a 400-person staff (63% of whom are program graduates) and a fleet of nearly 100 vehicles that keep the Community Improvement Project moving.

Ryan Hoenle, Director of Information Technology for The Doe Fund discovered Ting while researching options beyond the major cell phone service providers. Now, vehicles in The Doe Fund’s fleet and individuals in their workforce who constantly need to stay in contact are sporting Ting devices.

We had a chance to catch up with Hoenle, to chat and to ask a few burning questions.

The Doe Fund and Ting

While The Doe Fund used mobile devices previously, the pricing structure on Ting means that now, an increased number of more capable devices can be active in the field at a much lower cost. With the sheer number of phones on The Doe Fund’s Ting account, they’d end up paying thousands of dollars a month before anyone even made a phone call with a typical business mobile plan.

“As a non-profit organization, keeping operating costs low means The Doe Fund can provide comprehensive services to even more Ready, Willing & Able participants, helping them on their paths to self-sufficiency,” Hoenle said.

With traditional mobile phone plans, The Doe Fund wasn’t able to outfit the entire fleet with a dedicated device cost effectively.

“At $25 a line for the guy out there that’s only using (his phone) for PTT (push to talk, which works much like a walkie­-talkie over the cell network), that adds up very quickly when you have a number of vehicles and multiple drivers per vehicle.” Hoenle said.

“You get into these cost saving measures where you go ‘he’ll have this phone and this guy’ll have it between this hour and that hour’ and it becomes quite complicated … because devices are not assigned to one person.

“Because of the way Ting is able to just charge us $6 for the lines, we can do some interesting stuff,” Hoenle said. “For example, we have quite a few vehicles and (now we can) have a phone dedicated to each vehicle.”


Using the Push To Talk (PTT) app Zello on its smartphones, the Doe Fund is able to get past the fact that PTT isn’t supported natively on Ting.

“Ting, in concert with Zello, allows us to go from that mixed, not everyone can contact everybody else, $25 a line per month PTT scenario to a scenario where everyone has a smartphone and everyone who needs it can have PTT, all at a very good price point.”

Ting’s bring your own device policy also allowed Hoenle and his team to activate devices the organization already owned, and supplement them with phones purchased used or new in bulk, and therefore relatively inexpensively.

“The thing that I had not anticipated at all was the positive reception that we’re receiving from our new Ting users and from our drivers,” Hoenle said. “Many of the people who are our drivers and who work in our facilities came through our program. They may not have used a smartphone before and previously only had a feature phone, if they had a phone at all. Now, we’re giving them all these smartphones. We are trusting them with something and they are getting additional responsibility.”

“I hadn’t looked at it from that perspective,” he said. “I’m more concerned with capability and what our budget looks like but they’re really responding very positively to these phones.”

Ting’s unique approach means an unlimited number of devices on one account sharing pooled usage and only paying for the individual minutes, messages and megabytes of data you actually use beyond the XL levels. As there are no contracts, no bundled plans and no hidden gotchas, Ting is arguably the most flexible and universal cell phone service around.

We’re proud to provide non-profits like The Doe Fund and businesses small and large our brand of unencumbered mobile service.

We love our business customers – Round 2

business2This is the second edition of “we love our business customers.” Again:

I have been looking through our customer base at all the wonderful small businesses that have discovered our service. I wanted to find a way to thank a few of them. I also figure if they are smart enough to save thousands of dollars a year with Ting, they are probably pretty good at what they do. So, if you are in the market, please consider using one of these fine Ting-powered businesses!



BCI Technologies
Industrial communication and automation solutions.
Location: Florida
Ting Devices: 13


allworldAll World Furniture
High quality, contemporary furniture at wholesale prices.
Location: California
Ting Devices: 14



Gouin Towing & Auto Repair
24 hour towing and complete automotive repair.
Location: Vermont
Ting Devices: 5



PCN Strategies
Professional solutions for government agencies and private businesses.
Location: Washington, DC
Ting Devices: 14



Hurt & Proffitt
Full service employee-owned engineering and surveying firm.
Location: Virginia
Ting devices: 7



L. Olson Designs
Graphic design, graphics and images for web and print and architectural design.
Location: Wisconsin
Ting Devices: 1

(There you go, Lonni. We love you too.)


If you would like to be included in the next edition of “We love our business customers,” let me know.

We love our business customers

business2I have been looking through our customer base at all the wonderful small businesses that have discovered our service. I wanted to find a way to thank a few of them. I also figure if they are smart enough to save thousands of dollars a year with Ting, they are probably pretty good at what they do. So, if you are in the market, please consider using one of these fine Ting-powered business!


American Furniture Rentalafr-logo-w-1
Furniture rentals for residences, home staging, commercial, trade show and events.
Location: New Jersey
Ting Devices: 14


cropped-cmacco_headerCrawford Merz Anderson Construction Company
Commercial construction.
Location: Minnesota
Ting Devices: 12


fentonFenton Plumbing & Heating
Residential and commercial plumbing and heating services.
Location: Colorado
Ting Devices: 17


flowers to goFlowers To Go
Family owned and operated florist for over 30 years.
Location: Washington
Ting Devices: 11


gentile_bros_comp_profGentile Brothers
Wholesale fruits and vegetables for retail and food channel.
Location: Ohio
Ting Devices: 10


mosquito squadMosquito Squad
Mosquitoes and tick control for residential and commercial properties.
Location: Virginia
Ting Devices: 16



If you would like to be included in the next edition of “We love our business customers,” let me know.

Validas study and Ting savings

We engaged a company called Validas a couple of months ago to help us understand people’s mobile usage and bills. Validas has a database of over 500,000 US mobile users who give them access to their account to help figure out if they are on the wrong phone plan. Validas is able to use all that data in the aggregate (certainly not revealing anything about any individuals) to gather some amazing insights.

The study they conducted analyzed actual voice, text and data usage over 12 months of over 50,000 accounts. They measured how usage fluctuated month to month and how average usage compared to peak usage. These measures indicate how much people might be wasting from month to month if they buy a fixed or unlimited plan rather than paying for what they use. Validas was also able to take it a step further and compare what these accounts actually spent over that year to what they would have spent on Ting with that same exact usage.

In short, the study confirmed that US mobile users, from individuals and families to small and large businesses, from light users to heavy users, are wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars a year with their current plans.

In fact, 98% of US mobile phone accounts would save money on their monthly bills by switching to Ting.

Businesses with over 10 users (or lines) per account have even greater potential savings than individuals and families. Accounts with 21-50 lines have the greatest potential savings at $636.60 a year per line.

Again, the key to savings seems to be the switch from fixed and unlimited plans to Ting’s “moving” plan.

Mobile plans are commonly designed to accommodate peak usage as a consistent norm. However, the study showed that users are not so consistent. Data usage, for one, will regularly fluctuate by up to 55%. (An account that averages 1,000 megabytes a month, for example, may vary by 550 megabytes up or down in a given month.)

According to Validas, this ends up being a major theme in almost all the analyses they do. Mobile users aren’t necessarily overpaying because rates are high. It’s because their plan is not quite right for their usage. Ting is actually a great benchmark just because customers essentially pay for what they actually use.

The study also showed that mean monthly data usage tends to be just 62% of the peak. What this means is that, even on average months, mobile users are typically buying much more service than they need.

We were thrilled to see this data. It confirms that even heavy users are overspending on traditional plans because their usage varies so much from month to month. It confirms that indviduals, families and businesses of all sizes would save money with Ting.

But we have to admit that the savings numbers above still seemed understated to us. Customers are telling us every day that they were able to buy a high end smartphone with Ting, often for over $400, and recover that money in a year of savings or less. This report would suggest otherwise. So we started asking our customers about it and had a bit of an epiphany.

On their previous unlimited or bloated plans, Ting customers had unnecessarily inflated usage. They did not utilize Wi-Fi when it was available, for example, or they streamed data needlessly. They just didn’t care. When they switched to the Ting plan and started tracking their usage regularly in the Ting dashboard, even the simplest attention to these behaviors greatly reduced their usage and further reduced their bill.

So simply referencing past usage numbers, as people do with our Savings Calculator or Validas did in this report, might not tell the whole story. Part of the savings with Ting comes from our rates, part comes from a moving rather than fixed plan and part comes from decreasing usage without any real sacrifice in experience.

Overall, the message is pretty clear. People will save money with Ting. If you are reading this, you probably already know that. When you get a chance, please tell someone else.