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Buying a smartphone: the complete guide

Buying a smartphone

Buying a smartphone

So you’re thinking about buying a smartphone and coming to Ting. Most phones will work on Ting, so if you already own a phone, try our online BYOD checker first. If you have an Android phone, you can also download the Ting Compatibility Checker app.

If you’re buying a smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. This is our Ting smartphone buyer’s guide. Nowadays, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to smartphones. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down your options.

Whether you’re interested in buying a brand new device, looking to buy used, or not sure where to start, we can help.

Tips on buying a smartphone

It all starts with picking the right phone for you. If you’ve got a phone in hand, just confirm that it will work on Ting. If you’ve got a phone in mind, you can hit the Ting Shop and see what’s available.

Failing that, any new unlocked phone you buy will work on at least one of Ting’s nationwide networks, so you can buy with confidence.

Need a little help making the decision? That’s cool. We can help there, too.

Android or iOS: Pick your platform

How Ting phone financing works

What type of Ting user are you

Why buying last year’s model might be the smarter choice

Buying a used smartphone to bring to Ting

What’s your type?

Families, seniors and millennials alike have discovered that simply paying for what they use is the smarter choice for cell phone service.

Ting’s flexible rates lets you tailor your smartphone experience to exactly how you see fit. With Ting, you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. Don’t want a line on your account to use more than, say, 500 MB of data? Just set a monthly limit in the Ting dashboard or mobile app. Want to enable or disable international calling? Just flick a virtual switch.

Finding a great smartphone to use with Ting is easy. We’ve put together some suggestions for families, millennials, seniors, small business owners, teens, kids and more. Pick whichever post resonates with you and have a look. You’re guaranteed to find some suitable smartphone options.

Phones for the whole family

Budget Android phones for a young couple 

Our favorite phones for seniors 

The best smartphones for teens 

Smartphones for today’s entrepreneur 

The best smartphones for geeks 

Smartphone deals millennials will love

Smartphone recommendations for kids of all ages

Top rated smartphones for professionals 

Still not sure?

Buying a smartphone

If you can’t make a decision now that you’ve read our guide on buying a smartphone, we’d be glad to make one for you. We’d suggest the Moto G5 Plus – When comparing price to performance, it’s the best phone we’ve seen all year.

Learn more about this affordable powerhouse in our month with the Moto G5 Plus review and get your hands on one in the Ting Shop.

You can always reach out to our Ting personal shoppers. They’ll find you some great recommendations.

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