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Cell phone germs: your phone is dirtier than you think

dirty cellphone

Cell phone germs, especially during cold and flu season, are no laughing matter. Your phone is probably one of the items you touch the most in the day, right up there with your keyboard if you work on a computer. The portability and pervasive nature of phones mean you could be tracking germs with you pretty much everywhere.

According to our research, the average American checks their phone 47 times per day. Each time you check your phone, you could be spreading germs from your hands to your screen. It’s not hard to imagine how germs can spread from the bathroom, or from a handshake with a colleague who has a cold, to your phone, and then, well, to you.

Our survey about cell phone germs.

How to avoid the spread of cell phone germs?

How dirty is your phone? Probably pretty dirty.

Rest assured, unless you’re using a daily disinfectant, we’re all probably tracking a ton of bacteria on cell phones. Think about how many germs could end up on your hands in a given day. When sharing communal spaces like transit vehicles, public washrooms, work kitchens or libraries at school, you wash your hands to avoid the spread of germs, so, why not your phone too?  

How to clean your phone

To clean your cell phone, use a microfiber cloth and a gentle disinfectant. You can purchase disinfectants made for screens and cell phones that won’t leave streaks and won’t damage your device.

Special cell phone disinfectant wipes are rising in popularity and make cleaning your phone on the go simple. You can also create your own cleaner by mixing 60 percent water and 40 percent rubbing alcohol.

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