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A few changes to your mobile habits can go a long way

It’s easy to be a conscious phone user

Shayne and her family have been Ting customers since 2013. They currently save $75 a month on their bill since switching to Ting and making slight changes to their mobile habits.

“Ting allows us the flexibility to use what we need without worrying about a huge bill. We are also able to save money by buying phones out of pocket and selecting the devices we need, rather than owning the newest smartphone.”Shayne, her husband and her father use their LG smartphones for texting, calling, surfing the Internet and staying in touch with messaging apps.

They’ve adapted their cellphone use since switching to Ting but they don’t mind. Making a few small changes to their mobile habits has allowed the family to save big on their monthly mobile bills.

“We look for free Wi-Fi to use less data and use messaging apps such as Facebook messenger and Google Hangouts to save on text and minutes. Wi-Fi calling through Google Hangouts is frequent between my husband and myself.”

Ting makes it easy to save. Monitor your usage with the Ting dashboard and set caps on your messages, minutes and data. You can also set alerts when you approach those limits so you know when to scale back.

“We get alerts to notify when we use more than 950MB. If it’s a couple days before our billing period ends, I notify my dad and husband to limit data usage.”

With Ting, you don’t buy into an expensive contract or plan. Use what you need every month and then, at the end of the month, settle up for what you used.

“We’ve told our friends and family about Ting numerous times over the years. Plus the customer service is great.