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Configure five popular apps to save on mobile data

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There are many ways to save on cellular data without restricting your mobile experience. Take a look at some of the most popular apps with built-in data saving features below.

Configure Facebook to save on mobile dataFacebook

Disable videos from autoplaying in your newsfeed

Stop letting Facebook automatically load videos in the background of the Facebook app. It uses a lot more data than you might think.

Open Settings in the Facebook app menu, look for Video Auto-play and choose either Wi-Fi only or Off.


Detailed instructions for Android and iOS

Configure Netflix to save on mobile dataNetflix

Lower your video quality when using cellular data

Streaming video over a mobile data connection uses a considerable amount of data. Take advantage of Netflix’s cellular data controls inside its smartphone app.

Open App Settings in the Netflix app menu, tap Cellular Data Usage and choose your desired video quality.


Detailed instructions

Configure Netflix to download shows and save on mobile dataDownload movies and TV shows for offline use

You can now watch your favorite TV shows and movies without using any mobile data! Every Netflix original is available to be downloaded and stored for offline viewing, along with tons of other content.

To see all the shows and movies that are available for download, tap the Menu button in the top left. There, you’ll see a new category at the top of the page: Available for Download.


Detailed instructions


Configure Snapchat to save on mobile data
Enable Travel Mode so your friends Snaps only load when you tap them

Snapchat automatically pre downloads Snaps you receive and Stories from friends, which can use up a lot of mobile data.

To enable Travel Mode, open your Snapchat profile (swipe down on the main screen), tap the Settings cog in the top right, scroll down to Additional Services, tap Manage and turn on Travel Mode.


Detailed instructions

Google Maps

Configure Google Maps to save on mobile dataDownload your city so you won’t waste data while navigating

By downloading your region over Wi-Fi, you’ll use zero mobile data when using turn-by-turn navigation, location searches and viewing establishment info.

Open Google Maps and search for the location you want to save. Tap the bottom info bar and then tap Download. Choose the size of the region you want to save, name it and you’re done.


Detailed instructions for Android and iOS

Configure Spotify to save on mobile dataMusic apps

Download audio over Wi-Fi so you don’t stream while on-the-go

Just about every single music service offers the ability to download media over a Wi-Fi connection for offline use. Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music all offer this feature (podcast apps do as well).

Look for a Download or Available Offline button in your respective media app.


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