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Cord cutting saves not only money, but time


Time. You can’t get it back.

Everyone is busy in life, whether they’re single, child-free people with busy social lives, or families with kids, sports, work, and a hundred other things to do. With so many demands on your time, have you ever stopped to consider how much of that time you spend watching ads on TV?

Commercials add up epically over a full season. Better Call Saul is a prominent example of this. If you watch Season One on AMC, you will spend 10 hours in total watching TV. If you stream the show through Amazon, without ads, you will only spend 7.8 hours. In this instance, you can skip over two hours of commercials.

Further, if you watch every episode of NCIS Season 13 live, you will watch 17 hours of content. If you stream the same show through Amazon, without ads, it would be just 11.9 hours of content, for a total savings of over five hours.

By watching all episodes of Better Call Saul and NCIS in the same year on Amazon, you’d save seven hours of time. That is seven otherwise wasted hours that you can spend with family and friends. That sounds like a much better way to spend your time rather than watching the same hair loss ad over and over again.


Of course, you can substitute our examples with your own favorite shows, just keep in mind that commercial time will vary depending on the show and network, as depicted by the chart above provided by WSJ. It’s said that the average American watches 35 hours of television a week. When commercials, by low estimates, take up about 15 minutes per hour of cable television, that equates to over eight hours a week!

Cut the cord, reclaim the time.

So, what can you do about this? Well, you could ditch cable TV and stream your content through iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, or dozens of other legal streaming services. Not only will you save money on your bills and utilities, you will also save time.

Even services that show ads, like Hulu and Tubi TV, contain just a fraction of the number of ads compared to cable TV. Have you noticed how some networks show three or more minutes of ads during each break? Hulu, on the other hand, shows only two or three 30-second ads per break, and even offers an ad-free option if you are willing to pay a bit more.

Watching ads… on purpose

Yet, what if you want to watch ads? Let’s be honest, some, like Super Bowl commercials, are worth watching because they’re really funny or poignant. Or you may want to watch movie ads just to know what will be coming out in theaters. Here are a few options to make sure you don’t miss the ads you do want to see as you’re saving time by ditching all the others.

Fandango has an excellent YouTube channel that shows trailers and clips of upcoming movies. Subscribe to Fandango on YouTube to stay in touch. They also have a Facebook page if you would rather view it there.

If you’re looking for the Super Bowl ads, check out, or, if you are just looking for some fun ads, an entertaining resource to check out is Daily Commercials.

As a cord-cutter, you have the luxury of watching only the ads you want to see, as many or as few times as you choose to see them. In addition to focusing on how much money you can save by saying good-bye to cable, you should also consider how much time it can save you in the long run.