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Donna saves more with a custom family cell phone plan from Ting

The best family cell phone plan is the one you make yourself

Donna lives in Colorado. She and her daughters have been Ting customers since 2016 and currently save around $100 a month on their bill.

“It makes sense for my daughters to be on my plan to help defray their costs. And when they do want to leave my plan they will continue with Ting because the cost and customer service are number one.”

family cell phone plan

“Ting plans are pay for what you use. No extra costs for what you don’t use.”

Donna and her family are smartphone users and, like a lot of people, they rely on their phones every day. They don’t want to spend a fortune on their phones though, and they love saving $100 every month. Instead of making big sacrifices on surfing the web, making calls and texting each other, they make the most of Wi-Fi to get more bang for their buck.

Donna’s daughters use Wi-Fi to download media like music, videos and even Google Maps. They also use Wi-Fi based calling services which come in handy for Donna’s daily chats with her daughter that lives out of state.

“We use Facebook Messenger for calling via Wi-Fi when we can to help reduce the minutes.”

Ting makes it easy to be a conscious user with account alerts and caps. Donna has usage alerts set on her account so everyone knows if they reach their limits on minutes and data.

“It really helps to let us know where we all are overall.”

You don’t have to pay up for a family cell phone plan and you don’t need unlimited to use your phone. Just ask Donna.

“Ting plans are pay for what you use. No extra costs for what you don’t use.”