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Ting customers share today’s tech resources they wish they had in school

tech resourcesWhat tech resources do you wish you had in school?

We asked Ting customers what tech would have made all the difference to them when they were students. Thank you to everyone that shared useful tools and resources like smartphone cameras, laptops, the Internet, music streaming, smart boards, Google suite, Wikipedia and so much more.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite answers from Facebook and Twitter. Share these tech resources with the student in your life so they can conquer their classes this fall.

A few changes to your mobile habits can go a long way

It’s easy to be a conscious phone user

Shayne and her family have been Ting customers since 2013. They currently save $75 a month on their bill since switching to Ting and making slight changes to their mobile habits.

“Ting allows us the flexibility to use what we need without worrying about a huge bill. We are also able to save money by buying phones out of pocket and selecting the devices we need, rather than owning the newest smartphone.”

Long distance calling on your cell phone with Ting

long distance calling

Does Ting do long distance calling?

That’s a question we get a lot. The answer is yes, yes we do.

Ting minutes are nationwide with no long distance fees in the US. Our international long distance rates have always been quite reasonable too.

To call abroad, just allow international long distance calls on your account. This feature is controlled per phone.

Global texts have always been free of surcharge on Ting because we don’t believe in charging people for things that don’t cost us anything.

Back to school tech tips from Ting customers

back to school techYour best back to school tech advice

We asked and you answered. Lots of us are gearing up for school to begin again, so we asked for your best back to school tech tips. You shared some awesome tips, tricks, advice, apps and hacks. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from Facebook and Twitter.

Get organized and stay on track this school season. See what Ting customers do to master the transition for themselves or help out the kids.

Building a one-of-a-kind phone plan for your family

Ting’s phone plans are custom fit for families

Jodi lives with her family in Virginia. They currently save $50 a month on two phones with Ting.

Jodi loves Ting’s flexible, pay for what you use service. On Ting, she can add a third line to her family’s account whenever they need it.

“Our family is starting to grow up. We have four boys who are starting to become more independent. Ting makes sense because we pay for a third phone when we need it, and not when we don’t. Camp this month? Pay the $6 line fee and then shut it back off when we don’t need it anymore.”

phone plan

Ting contest: Enter to win some back to school swag

back to school The Ting back to school contest

Follow Ting on Twitter and like us on Facebook. This month, we want to hear your best back to school tips and tricks.

For the next four Wednesdays, we’ll post a contest question on Facebook and Twitter. Comment or reply with your best answer and you could win a Moto G5 Plus.

One grand prize winner for best answer ever will take home a Ting back to school swag bag.

We’re picking our favorite answers. How can you be a Ting favorite? Tell a joke or a story. Share a useful tip or hack. We want to know how you’re gearing up for back to school.