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Customer service profile: Bryce

You’ve already met Mitch and Christian, now it’s time to meet another member of our social response team, Bryce. Whether you want to chat about Ting or something else, Bryce is always eager to interact with users like yourself.

How did you end up working for Ting?

A coworker of mine I worked with at another Telecom company got a job with Hover, one of Ting’s sister companies. So he thought I would be good for the job and I applied and low and behold, I got the job.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up and I start searching the web. I look at [Ting’s] Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram and I start looking around to see who needs help and who has questions about Ting online and I get out there and get at it. I answer questions and provide assistance to those who need it and just kind of support the brand here online.

How is the Reddit experience different from elsewhere?

I think on Reddit there’s a lot more to conversations than there are on the other three platforms. On Twitter with the character limit it’s really short conversations. Same with Instagram, it’s more about the visuals. Comments and conversations will really only be about two or three sentences. Whereas when you’re on Reddit, it’s a little more in depth, it’s a little more long form. The great analogy that I always heard was it’s more of a dinner party where everyone’s talking, so you have a lot more conversation going on on Reddit.

What’s the most rewarding part about working for Ting?

There’s a lot to choose from, but I guess it’s the ability that we have to help customers. I’ve worked with other companies where you’re handcuffed a little bit by what they want and their rules and the way want everyone to kind of fit into a mold. But here at Ting, they really allow you to go out there and fix the issue and not have to jump through a bunch of hoops. So I think coming into a job like that was really eye-opening and better because I’m not “going against my company.” It’s more like the company is here to help me so that I can help the customers. They just empower you a lot more.

What’s the most challenging thing about working for Ting?

We are a smaller company and a lot of people don’t know about us. So a lot of people need to figure out who we are and if we can help them. That’s the number one hurdle I find, working social where there are millions of people on social every day so it’s a little bit of an uphill battle when you’re out there and someone’s like, “what’s Ting?”

How do you think you contribute to Ting’s success?

I think I contribute by bringing my personality and my own self-knowledge into the company. I’ve always had a fascination with phones and technology and I like to play around with the new and different technologies that arise and different social platforms. That personal passion for what we are involved in, I think I bring that perspective to the table to people who might not even be interested in what the new Instagram filter is or the new subreddit is that’s really cool.

Android or iOS and why?

I am iOS. I used to be Android but once I got my MacBook and my ecosystem at home switched over to Apple, I’ve found that using iOS was so much more convenient than working with Android-to-Apple. One thing I like about it is as much as I like to dive into the technology, I also want it to be simple so that when I need to use it, it’s there for me. I find with iOS, I prefer what they offer me, as well as how it’s more closed-off instead of the openness that Android offers. I don’t have to worry about which software I’m running or anything like that. I go to work and it’ll connect with my iTunes, it’ll connect with my podcasts, it’s all setup and ready so I just wanna stick with that.

Is there a specific project that you’re proud of?

What’s been done with the different social platforms since I joined. I’ve been on social for about two years now and I think over that time we’ve seen a lot of growth and I’ve loved being a part of that growth. I love that our Reddit has over 3,000 people. Our Instagram is now growing rapidly and we’re over 5,000 people — because it seemed so much lower when I started. I remember the challenge was that people didn’t know us and now we have the numbers and our followers are growing and people are starting to notice us now.

Any unique or favourite stories involving customers?

My personal favorite stories are ones that we get from customers who travel abroad, because I like to travel. I like to hear where people are going so when someone says “I’m going to Japan” I’ll go “That’s cool, how long are you going for?” I tend to dive in a little bit more and have a conversation with a customer when they’re going somewhere because I wanna go to all the places eventually. I have my huge list of places I wanna go so I love hearing those unique engagements. It’s really fun to see and those are the ones that hit home for me.

What’s your favourite place to travel?

I love traveling to the States. I’ve always had a fascination with being in the States, and I want to get to all the different States eventually, especially Alaska and Hawaii. My favorite place for a while now has been California — San Francisco and the Bay Area. I just fall in love with it every time I go there. I’ve been there four or five times now and every time it’s something different and I always have the best time there. The weather’s great and it suits me well.

Aside from travelling, what are your other passions and hobbies?

I’m a big baseball fan. I like sports but I love baseball over everything. I’ll go to games, I’ll go to Minor League, I’ll watch old games. I fall in love with the game so much and when it’s the off-season, I’m still looking at who’s doing what in baseball and when it’s the season, I’m trying to figure out which days I’m traveling and going to different stadiums and if there will be any games playing while I’m there. Everything revolves around baseball starting the end of February with the pitchers and catchers report up until October with the World Series. My entire year is basically baseball and during those cold winter months when there’s absolutely nothing going on, I just hate it.

What’s your favourite team?

I guess I’m a Blue Jays fan, just growing up here in Canada. ‘92-’93 we won the World Series and I vividly remember it. All of my family members were Blue Jays fans. I started to really like the Cubs and I’ve started to really like some of the National League teams like the Giants and the Dodgers, although there are the rivalries between them, I can be an outside fan and just enjoy their teams and what they’re doing. But I’m a Jays fan at the end of the day.

Any last words?

If you see me online, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll talk to you about baseball or travel. I’m always down for talking about those things.

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