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Hulu Live TV streaming service

Hulu Live streaming TV service
[Updated June 2017]

Hulu Live TV is here and cord cutters should take notice

Last week, we had the honor to meet with executives from Hulu for a look at their new Hulu Live TV streaming service. When this new service launches, it will bring live television to Hulu’s on-demand services with live channels from companies like CBS, Disney, Fox and more.

We got a full look at the new Hulu Live service and were even able to talk with some of the main people behind it. From what we have seen, Hulu Live TV is something that will make cord cutters who use other streaming services take note. It will also cause cable subscribers to give cord cutting a second look.

So why were we so impressed with Hulu Live? In short, Hulu has taken great care to re-think how TV should be offered and how to give cord cutters access to their content. From the bottom up, Hulu Live TV is something new — and better — than what you get with your old cable TV provider.

Here are a few reasons Hulu Live stood out.


Clearly, Hulu put a lot of thought into how to make Hulu Live new and different. Everyone will be able to have their own experience through user profiles. This allows Hulu to give an extremely personalized experience to each user. If you are a huge sports fan, you will see sports featured. If you hate sports, Hulu will hide them and promote the content you enjoy.

This means you, your spouse or your roommate can share the same account and get different custom experiences built to maximize your enjoyment. No longer will everyone have to try to agree on what the favorite channels and shows are. Now, you each can build out a custom experience for your live and on-demand content as well as enjoy custom recommendations.

Hulu streaming TV

Hulu Live – when you want it, how you want it

Cord cutting is about having access to your shows and movies not just when they air, but when you want them and where you want them. Hulu Live will not only give you live access to many popular channels such as ESPN and even locals such as CBS and FOX, but will also give you access to a wide range of on-demand content and a DVR option.

That means you will have a vast amount of content at your fingertips. You can access the ever-growing catalog of Hulu shows and movies. Hulu is also adding on-demand content to its new Live TV service for shows it does not have rights to through the current on-demand Hulu.

If Hulu doesn’t have rights to it or have it on-demand with Hulu Live, you can just set it up to record with the Hulu Live Cloud DVR.

That means you will have the ability to watch everything you want without worrying about when it airs. No longer are you rushing through dinner so you don’t miss the start of your favorite TV show. One way, or the other, Hulu will find a way to give your show to you when you want it.

What devices will Hulu Live support?

We can confirm that the Apple TV will be part of Hulu, as will Chromecast, along with Android and iOS at launch — most of these devices are already listed as being part of the current beta program. At launch, not all devices will be supported. Hulu did make it clear they plan to quickly add more devices like Roku players and the Fire TV after launch but did not have a timeline for when other devices would be supported.

Hulu Live TV Channels List

Hulu Live TV Channels List

Wondering about the channel lineup? iDigitalTimes provides a comprehensive Hulu Live TV Channels List of over 50 channels. Hulu has deals to offer locals as well — this is not surprising since Fox, NBC and ABC all have part ownership in Hulu. The recent deal with CBS gives Hulu access to the only network that is not a part owner.

If you live in a market with local channels, but travel to a different market that has different locals, you will get the local channels for whichever market you are in — something most live TV streaming services do not offer.

What about regional sports networks?

Good news! Hulu will offer regional sports networks as part of its base package. At the time of writing, we do not know which regional sports networks will be part of the new service, but we can make some guesses.

Two of the biggest regional sports networks, Fox Sports and Comcast Sports Net, are owned by the owners of Hulu. So, we can take an educated guess that they will likely be part of Hulu’s new Live TV service.

How much will Hulu Live cost?

Hulu did confirm that the service will include everything Hulu currently offers and it will start under $40 a month. We do not know the exact price, or details, about add-ons but hopefully, this will all soon be made official.

It is likely we are a few weeks, or even a month or more, away from getting a full look at Hulu’s new live TV service, however, what we have seen looks very promising for cord cutters.

[Editor’s Note, June 2017] Hulu Live TV is now offering free week-long trials. We now know that the price is $39.99 a month, which allows you to watch Hulu on up to two devices at once. There’s also an option to upgrade to unlimited devices for an additional $15 per month.