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Nvidia releases new streaming media player

Nvidia just released their new streaming media player

The Nvidia Shield has long been the flagship player for Google’s Android TV platform. Now, Nvidia has released a new second generation Nvidia Shield. It has come a long way from its start when it offered just 400 apps compared to the thousands of apps and services it now offers.

Let’s take a look at what is new and what is improved in the second generation Nvidia Shield.

The new game controller and remote

The Nvidia Shield has always been a gaming system first and a streaming media player second. Now, Nvidia has completely redone the game controller from the ground up, making the new Nvidia Shield a great streaming player and an even better gaming system.

The new game controller is a step up in every way over the older version. The buttons have a smoother feel and are more responsive. The joysticks and pad are new and just feel better. The controller is smaller and more maneuverable in your hand compared to the older game controller.

If you love to game, you will be happy to hear that the new game controller boasts 60 hours of gameplay per charge as well as an always-on voice control (if you turn on the always-on voice control). This means you can use Google’s voice assistant to do everything from launching Netflix to turning on your lights or changing the temperature on your nest thermostat.

The new remote comes bundled with the $199 edition of the Nvidia Shield. No longer will you have to pay $50 to add the remote to your Nvidia Shield. Another perk is the new remote battery will last a year before you need to recharge it.

Amazon Video

Starting later this month, Nvidia Shield will have its own Amazon Video app. The app looks similar to the new Roku Amazon Video app. This marks the first time an Android TV player will have an official Amazon Video app helping it stand out from other Android TV players.

The main reason the first generation Nvidia Shield was not one of my most recommended streaming players was the lack of Amazon Video support. Now that the Nvidia Shield has Amazon Video, it truly is a great streaming player for cord cutters.

AI in the home

In the coming months, Sheild TV will be expanded with a series of AI capabilities that transform home entertainment:

First hands-free Google assistant integration on TV — Google has optimized the assistant experience on TV by having the home’s largest screen show visual answers in addition to an audio reply. Use voice commands to replace clicking a remote for finding content, pausing, fast-forwarding, or rewinding. Plus, your Google assistant can better help find content and answer questions.

SmartThings Hub technology integration — instantly turns the Nvidia Shield into a smart home hub that can connect to hundreds of smart home devices.

NVIDIA SPOT™ — an AI mic accessory that makes the Nvidia Shield the central backbone of the AI home, extending intelligent control throughout the house.

4K HDR support

The new Shield delivers the richest visual experience with support for 4K HDR and three times the performance of any other streaming player on the market. With the addition of Amazon Video in 4K HDR, the Nvidia Shield offers a large open catalog of media in stunning 4K—also supporting Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and VUDU.

Now the best part

If you own a first generation Nvidia Shield, you will have access to all of this. Amazon Video, HDR, AI in Home, and more will all come to current Nvidia Shield owners via an update later in January.

The new updates to the Nvidia Shield make it a streaming player we recommend for cord cutters. One of the best parts is current Nvidia Shield owners can simply buy the new game controller to gain all the features the second generation Nvidia Shield has to offer.

Maybe it is time for cord cutters to give the Nvidia Shield a second look.