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Smart TVs are a cord cutter’s dream at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest tech conventions in the world. This year, over 170,000 people descended on the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the tech that’s new and coming soon. I had the opportunity to spend a week at the show, scouring the show floor for the latest tech for cord cutters. I saw everything from the Sideclick, a thoughtful universal remote that snaps onto your Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV and that lets you control your TV to washing machines that automatically reorder your laundry detergent when you’re running low.

If there was one product that stood out to me at CES (and granted, I may have been wearing my cord cutter blinders) it was Smart TVs.

Smart TVs are coming from every corner; Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, TCL and even older names like RCA are jumping on the bandwagon. Most surprising / pleasing to me was the fact that many Smart TV companies are ditching their own operating systems and partnering up with established services like Roku, Google, and Firefox to power the smart part of their smart TVs.

Holiday party ideas for cord cutters

The holidays are almost here, and for many people that means entertaining in their home. Televisions have become a focal point in many homes, and when you’re entertaining guests, they are often powered off. Rather than leaving a big blank space in the living room, why not use your TV as a centerpiece for your holiday party? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

College football for cord cutters


In the past, Bowl Season has been frustrating for college football fan cord cutters. Without ESPN, many were left with only two legal options to watch bowl games: go to a friend’s house to watch the game, or agree to a 2-year contract with cable TV. At an average cost of $100 per month, the latter was an expensive way to watch just a few weeks of football.

Although there were a few cord cutters whose ISP gave them access to ESPN 3 with a sky cam or other feed, the vast majority of cord cutters were left out in the cold when it came to watching the Bowl Season. Similarly, even though using an antenna allowed cord cutters to watch HD sports for free over the air from networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, none of them offered access to all of the bowl games.

Now, things are very different.

Christmas stuff for cord cutters

From timeless classics to brand new stuff like Bill Murray’s online-only Christmas special, cord cutters are more than covered for Christmas.

With a streaming setup at home, you don’t have to worry about missing A Charlie Brown Christmas or whatever your family’s holiday classic of choice is. Likewise, you don’t have to wait for a commercial break in order to refill the communal popcorn bowl; just hit pause, do what you need to do then pick up right where you left off.

In this week’s Cut the Cord column, we’re going to take a look at some of the best holiday specials and movies available online to help make the season a little more special.

Hulu Holidays

Do you use Hulu? They have made a great page that lists all the Holiday shows and movies available. From some of the newest Christmas episodes of your favorite shows to specials like The Great Holiday Baking Show and overwrought movies that play on the ol’ heartstrings like Coming Home for Christmas and A Christmas Wish, there is something for everyone here.

Choosing the right DVR for cord cutting

When you break free from cable TV, it means having to give your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) back to your cable company. The good news is that cord cutters have many excellent options to choose from when replacing their old cable company’s DVR. Many of these new DVRs offer more, and better, features than your old one.

There is an upfront cost to buying a DVR, however, if you consider the fact that your cable company is charging you approximately $10 per month to rent their DVR, you realize you will be saving $120 every year in DVR fees when you cancel cable! So, don’t let the startup cost of purchasing a new DVR scare you away.

Cord cutters have kids too…


Canceling cable TV can be scary, and even more so if you have children. I often give my daughter some milk and let her watch a 30-minute episode before reading to her and starting her bedtime routine. So, I can understand why many parents would fear losing their children’s favorite shows and networks.

The good news is that you can cancel cable TV and still get your kids favorite shows. Yet, beyond saving money there is another, perhaps even better reason to cut the cord if you are a parent: no advertising. Don’t you hate it when your kids see a toy or movie commercial and then won’t leave you alone about it? That’s the great thing about cord cutting, the significant reduction in ads, or even no ads, on most services.

Now your kids can watch their favorite shows without ads, and without bugging you to buy everything they see. Without ads, you get the good stuff without the junk; instead of watching 30 minutes of TV to see their favorite show, they can watch the whole thing in about 20 minutes. Same show, just without the commercial interruptions.

So now that you know why you want to cancel cable TV with kids, the next question is, “how?”