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Streaming free and legal content

In previous installments of cut the cord, we’ve discussed a number of alternatives to cable, primarily, paid services that offer the television shows and movies you love.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the free legal options available for streaming media. If you’re looking for new content, original series, foreign films or even childhood favorites, there’s an increasingly large number of free services to choose from. The great thing about these services is they are not only legal, they are very easy to use.

There are so many free services available, we could never list them all. The Roku alone has several hundred free channels in their app store. This short list highlights just a few of the most popular services on the market to whet your appetite.

Choosing the best streaming services as you cut the cord for good

You’ve made the decision to cancel cable. You’ve taken the first step by choosing the set top box that is best for you. Now you need to choose a streaming service that will bring you the TV shows and movies you want.

Unlike choosing a cable service where you have a subscription to one service, cord cutting means you are likely to need several different subscription services in order to receive all the content you want. However, they are surprisingly simple to obtain through your set top box, and most services will offer you a free trial period. The streaming services you choose will be decided by your answers to the questions, “Which shows and movies do I want, and when do I want them?”

Here is a short rundown of the top three streaming services and what they offer.

Choosing the best set top box is step one on the way to cutting the cord for good

So you want to break free of your monthly cable bill? The first step to cord cutting isn’t admitting there’s a problem, it’s realizing there’s another solution.

This week, we’ll help you figure out which is the best set top box for you. All of the set top boxes we’ll cover will let you stream content (TV shows, movies, even live events) over the Internet. Each comes with its own unique benefits.

This isn’t the old cable TV model: It’s not one size fits all. There are many great set top boxes to choose from. The brand new Apple TV to the tried and true Roku. The newest 4K Fire TV to the crazy powerful Nvidia Shield.

To help you make that decision here is our guide to the pros and cons of each of the leading set top boxes on the market today.

An introduction to cutting the cord


Cutting the cord is a momentous occasion. No, this isn’t a story about childbirth, though I suppose that’s a pretty momentous occasion too. We’re talking about telling the cable company to take their bundles, their opt-out billing tactics, their business model in general and stick it.

Cutting the cord means saying goodbye to the monthly cable bill. With a little forethought, it doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the channels, live events and shows that you love, though. It’s about smarter TV, not necessarily less TV.

I’m very pleased to introduce Luke Bouma to the Ting blog. Luke runs Cord Cutters News, a great resource for anyone looking to get out from under the cable company’s thumb.